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  1. Looks like OLED display not working is common problem, mine too..
  2. Great LoVo kit, I guess it can take 2.1+ vdimm btw what SA and IOmem at 5200?
  3. Maybe.. looks like memory preset optimized only for Rocket Lake
  4. roughly about .500 second less compared to single rank
  5. Try to set maxmem around 2GB, looks like you forgot to set maxmem first
  6. Yep, after 2 voltages above press F10 Save and Exit, turn of the board, and then enable LN2 Jumper switch
  7. F Thanks mate! Didn't know if there is XP version of GTL
  8. Try to raise SA and IO2 Voltage and lowered uncore freq, i have the same problem too here on Tachyon..
  9. I'm ready to cover international shipping bill, count me in! thanks!
  10. Giga OC board usually has X-bioses for better memory overclocking, I used to play with Z87X-OC and Z97X-SOC Force, both of them has X Bioses.. you can download in tweaktown: GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS - TweakTown Forums GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS - TweakTown Forums
  11. Correct, if you aiming to clock high freg samsung, use Impact 7.. mine above 2850ish not producing any good result.. below my screen back then @Kashtan
  12. I will choose Z87 OC Formula and VII Impact, both of them clock every major IC very well, another plus for OCF is you can directy dial in RTLs and IOLs, VII Impact RTLs and IOLs depends on your stick's quality and initial RTL
  13. Nice finding, any pics of them especially IC mark?
  14. I've tried G3258, 4670K, 4770K, 4790K they clock PSC well, slight differences, but the latest 4790K i have which is Vietname one was the best Yep, voltage range not too far away from that
  15. Finally someone post RKL with XII Apex.. How about on air? Is your 11600K capable to run 4800 14-14-14-1T?
  16. Yes you are right, agree with you.. it is not about make cpu clock stronger.. it is more about FCLK above 2000, hopefully new agesa will come out very soon and make this board fly.. we all know that this board is very well-equipped.. thank you @Splave , time to waiting some good news...
  17. Like I said before on another forum, for me 3.80 has smoother mem training than 3.69 @Splave, hope that new agesa will come out very soon, below is 32M plain run, plain OS, even not run at 5Ghz..
  18. This little board deserves more.. rarely seen any good result since B550 coming around
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