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  1. Derogatory? I'm sure I wasn't. Its your yokel mind who certainly thought so. He wasn't precise when asking about the motherboard. The model is Toshiba NSWAE version PSLT6C-00X002. Need to know the Southbridge model too?; SB700. Now lets see if you would help, sir.
  2. CPU-Z is mainly used for monitoring frequency. You are in the rankings for that CPU, so you know how to overclock it. If its the motherboard you need, then its the AMD 785GX. A tutorial from your part would be nice.
  3. Hi, does anybody know how to overclock this CPU, what program to use to do it, etc? And yes it is overclockable, not by much, but it would be great if you could help anyway. http://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/athlon_ii_x2_m320
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