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  1. Please forgive my english. Possible options below the base patreon? In my country, 10 euros per month is a significant financial burden. Maybe a little below the base patreon?
  2. I also cannot understand why this is happening. But the result is not hidden in the settings. Here's a screenshot. [url=https://postimg.cc/zLSzsNM6][img]https://i.postimg.cc/zLSzsNM6/SD-max.png[/img][/url]
  3. [quote="LEEGHOOFD"]great score bro[/quote] Thanks to Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus and G.SKILL F4-4266C19D-16GTZA 1.6V.
  4. Why? LIMITATIONS CPU-Z SPD tab is mandatory + A CPU-Z verification link is required, registered on your name + Please attach a picture of the memories used. + A verification screenshot is required. + Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. + Only submissions made on or after are allowed. + Only use retail hardware. + Only use DDR SD-RAM memory. + Use official background +
  5. Please add MB GIGABYTE GA-790XT-USB3 http://www.gigabyte.ru/products/page/mb/ga-790xt-usb3_10 CPU-Z VALIDATOR Thank you!
  6. Signatura problems: Event Name the problem: APPCRASH Application Name: RealBench.exe Application Version: Mark application time: 569d124d The module name with the error: Qt5Core.dll Module version with an error: Stamp module-time error: 53750479 Exception code: c0000005 Offset exceptions: 00000000000ae2cf OS Version: 6.1.7601. Language code: 1058 Additional Information 1: a5dd 2 For more information: a5dd7d2ef2909a4585e49495438be749 3 For more information: 9b92 More information 4: 9b921576247dfb0a5a03d6a5d80b66e7
  7. No, the browser works great. I posted a message there with it. On windows 10 - the same thing, although installed for a long time. Browser, internet, online games, any applications work fine. RealBench 2.41 can save the result. 2.43 - No.
  8. I need to launch a browser before uploading the result?
  9. There are no firewall or antivirus, just pre-installed operating system. The same result at windows 10.
  10. PS I tried windows 10 and windows 7. The result is the same.
  11. I can not download the result. The test goes well, but when I press upload - error occurs. What am I doing wrong?!
  12. Good day! I have such trouble with HWBOT PRIME and phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. "Validation failed: processor is required for 2d benchmarks!" CPU-Z Android Validator This can be fixed? Or should I look for another phone for this benchmark?
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