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  1. GurKspaD`s CPU Frequency score: 5392 mhz with a Atom Z2760
  2. Because he has used Microsoft Windows 10 Pro w/ a outrun.In rules written -allow use w/o o.c in the Windows10.
  3. @Strunkenbold Is there W511 in db?
  4. CPU-Z VALIDATOR ICONIA W511 @Strunkenbold and please correct that page unknown 3566 (Pavilion g6) @ HWBOT
  5. Hi.May be a huge weigth for jpg file?Less than 2mb allowed.
  6. Please remove a previous logo and changed on http://people.overclockers.ru/uploads/images/02/06/80/2014/03/24/de4cb537.jpg .In review was signed it have pci-e 1.1(bag of gpu-z).So why in many sub-s exist pci-e 2?
  7. Try off the Spread Spectrum in bios or set Aida as an additional proof
  8. liq_met

    Please add images

    @Strunkenbold I have the contrary.And feeling when a work is not done.A Soket Integrated of all? Here, the parameters are set incorrectly : Nvidia GeForce 840M @ HWBOT ->HWBOT specification comparison->8 rops-false,16 rops-true Nvidia GeForce GT 740M @ HWBOT ->HWBOT specification comparison-> 128bit-false, 64 bit-true.Proofs outgive ?
  9. liq_met

    Please add images

    Crop,resize and cut usually you not use?
  10. liq_met

    Please add images

    Not exprience for work w/ the paint?
  11. For this hw : S3 Trio64V+ (FastWare VC962C) « Музей мультимедийного IBM PC-ÑовмеÑтимого железа .S3 Trio64V2/DX (Asus PCI-V775V2C) « Музей мультимедийного IBM PC-ÑовмеÑтимого железа .S3 Trio64UV+ « Музей мультимедийного IBM PC-ÑовмеÑтимого железа
  12. Im sending pm.And Testcpu.Who changed measurement?In general, the test power of thought cpu, as if only Mflops.For example:XBOX 360 has 1 Tflops (1000 m. ops per sec.),3 cpu w/ 3.3 Gghz,and similar 4-cpu 0,0384 Tflops.
  13. I`m also can not upload to the site, writes Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafile. XP sp3,HWBOT Launcher V2.55.110 !And yet i`m wanted remove units of measurement 999 to points. Testcpu overclocking records @ HWBOT Please contact us if this is your benchmark and you want to remove it, or host it yourself!Wtf?
  14. Regenerating all old results,if you will takes for its http://hwbot.org/submission/664676_jona101_cpu_frequency_athlon_64_x2_4000_%28brisbane%29_2622_mhz http://hwbot.org/submission/860166_noms_aquamark_geforce_6150_se_19965_marks http://hwbot.org/submission/665775_madcatmk2_cpu_frequency_athlon_64_3200_%28newcastle_s754%29_2398_mhz http://hwbot.org/submission/618541_hellbound_pifast_core_2_duo_e6300_32sec_670ms http://hwbot.org/submission/618549_hellbound_pifast_core_2_duo_e6300_30sec_920ms http://hwbot.org/submission/554090_cusls_superpi___1m_core_2_duo_e6600_13sec_280ms (unfortunately there is no choice) and very old 28 Ñен 2011 http://hwbot.org/submission/2210333_sweet_wprime___32m_sempron_140_37sec_35ms 24 дек 2011 http://hwbot.org/submission/2233838_optytrooper_superpi___1m_phenom_ii_x3_720_be_18sec_563ms 09 Ð½Ð¾Ñ 2011 http://hwbot.org/submission/2220139_pablocs08_pifast_athlon_64_le_1640_%28lima%29_37sec_220ms Gathering for you especially.I do not see their status, and secondly I am aware of checking from date 18.05.2008.I note here that moderation takes place for a long time, and regardless of my participation, and if to weigh all my queries, they will not be empty and the efficiency of 99%.
  15. Datasheet says it`s sis5595,maxfsb<133 ОфиÑный компьютер на платформе PC Chips M748LMRT.It`s a cpu-z bug.
  16. Remove from 128-bit to 64-bit cards Ati Rage 128 Pro (128bit, 32Mb) @ HWBOT
  17. Sapphire PURE Innovation PI-A9RX480 @ HWBOT http://ts01.spac.me/tpic/22c1f1cd4e521fcfc2d8af0e37c7991a/133447207.p.500.500.0.jpg?1471290678
  18. liq_met

    Please correct

    skystar`s MaxxMem score: 798.9 marks with a DDR3 SDRAM reflavius`s PCMark7 score: 2881 marks with a Celeron G550 reflavius`s PerformanceTest score: 1224.3 Marks with a Celeron G550 Really Mobile HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge) ? Yes,you joker. Please tell me that you understand that.
  19. liq_met

    Please correct

    Stupid question,i am interested in the fact that in spite of the results of itself Celeron. I see a lot of reports about Haswell.You call their wrong. I think people are ignorant, uneducated people seeing Haswell, write their video graphics like Haswell. I even saw Sandy Bridge does not make mistakes, what they are doing Sandy Bridge? You do it not only for me and for all.--->Ðnd you do it not only for me and for all.
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