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  1. How about everything, is there any limitation with the GPU in this competition? I don't see it stated in the rules.
  2. I do not know if my comment infuriates or displeases others, but always consider XTU an easy test to get points either hw or global since with any micro points were earned, I do not say that this bad but if the moderation of HWBOT considers that it is not worth the penalty did the right thing, I'm not a professional in the OC but you always have to see the positive side of things, I also support that the lost or disabled points of the XTU apply to other tests that users can choose by voting.
  3. I have taken the time to get up to date on this small debate and therefore I consider that if for the good of the community 3 leagues are enough I think it is welcome, but it is always necessary to verify that it is equitable for the good of the community. I do not speak a person who has money to spend on hardware every year or have many supports, but the time I've been in the enthusiastic league has been good and believe me I wish I had the money to go to ln2, but I do not count on it, but without a doubt I'm not complaining as it is a passion to always compete and break my own record and even climb the table, I just hope they make the best decision on which leagues will be eliminated or merged only for the good of all those who compete be elites or apprentices.
  4. check what you just uploaded, your frequency is 2265Mhz, not 4530Mhz
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