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  1. Today if they will be happy that light came out to report hahahaha well today if it's okay Noxinite,mickulty???????
  2. I don't think surprises if they change the rules all the time it is the duty of the admin to have a way to inform, I don't care if they take away those results, they should just have a better way to inform since they are reviewing rules before uploading tests, and if they don't do it, they are satisfied.
  3. I was not informed as one person mentioned before that since when a verification link was needed I was not informed, I think you should change the way in which users are aware of the new rules because not everyone spends 24 hours in HWBOT to find out if there is change or use a method for users to know when they will make those changes and also be partial when blocking because I was reviewing and it is not my duty to denounce who but many do not have link as requested, so I hope everything is improving for the good of every user of HWBOT.
  4. Excellent David, Thank you for this beautiful gift🤛
  5. How about everything, is there any limitation with the GPU in this competition? I don't see it stated in the rules.
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