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  1. Fantastic result mate, stunning. Should of done a live stream, the bearded one has been trying for a bit now to beat Alex
  2. Sold, mods you can move, thanks for the space
  3. As tittle, only ran quick tests on both cards so unsure of clocks, did notice the 5970 was a bit on the warm side so probs need a re-paste, looking for £75 +shipping for the pair, PPT or bank transfer
  4. Maybe @rauf can help but maybe limited to extreme overclockers
  5. Pot still available, offers welcome
  6. Soz for late reply, about £32 gbp
  7. If pot is bought at asking i'll throw in this https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/p/products/0428029/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_Test_And_Measurement-_-Temperature_Measurement&mkwid=szTeNmFj7_dt%257Cpcrid%257C88057067403%257Cpkw%257C%257Cpmt%257C%257Cprd%257C0428029&gclid=CIb3lIOYtdQCFUJmGwodDQoKmQ to sweeten the deal.
  8. Sorry?? I dont understand the question???
  9. I can tell you it costs a lot! £50 is about cheapest out of 6 quotes!!
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