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  1. Hello everyone, I totally understand your objections. I will re-run it if that server is still at my friend's office with similar format shown in updated rules. This wasn't mine neither this was at my home with usual benching rig setup and I've been open about it from start. It was as simple as I saw an opportunity and I took it cause that'd what we overclockers do. Thank you
  2. Am sooo thinking of ordering one.. But then I have two - OLD GEN DIMATECH Open tables with me and don't know how to explain this to my wife Also am not benching much
  3. Whoa never knew my OC friends missed me so much!! Anyway, Thanks a lot Guys BTW, This was without any sort of temp readout - as in my digital thermometer is broken - so I went without one and tried to guess the comfort zone of the chip... Am sure I can improve on this
  4. It's going to be "Team Japan" and "Shamino". I do respect James, Dave, Charles and Vince for their straight forwardness!! above names are for "extreme OC"! else in '99 it was pure need for speed aka higher FPS and faster renderings
  5. This is NICE. Me likes!! Gotta get myself a new 555BE or may be see if that 965BE is still that good! Haven't benched 01 in long long time man forget about benching 01 on AMD
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