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  1. Couldn't chance the core speed of the 7970 when i posted this bench result, core speed is no 1100 but 1293.
  2. How can you be faster in this benchmark at 4,3ghz and i at 5,2ghz, for me it isnt possible.
  3. How is this possible that i put it in R15 cinebench and its comming in cinebench 11.5, my excuses for this mishap
  4. Tesselation is allowed to change, reed the rules here so its valid like any other that has run a benchmark and changed tesselation. This is a valid score
  5. I accept your apology and i apoligize to you for my reaction. My best is for a noob overclocker the score where i started the challange with so i dont go farter then this score, no room sofar.
  6. Dont call me a little boy, if you beat me you beat me, i dont mind too lose. You defeated me, congrats but dont call me a little boy, you dont know me so keep that behind in your comments.
  7. The score by DanutzuAC isnt valid, he is benching on 5100mhz with 2 cores instead 4 cores. I dont accept this score because it isnt valid in my eyes.
  8. Is there a ranking where i can put my score of an overclock on my videocard
  9. This cpu is a good one and i can bench under water on 5.1Ghz with 1.45Vcore so my submission is legit
  10. Testallation profile mod is allowed so this score is legal, everyone does this for a few points more.
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