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  1. No need for. We speak english aswell. Tzk sounds like a grown up there. Come over if you feel so ;)
  2. ever heard of the "LIST" ? https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/threads/amd-sockel-a.584473/page-29#post-27073135 we got some working ones in germany. Feel free to contribute
  3. it is.. feed it it with some TCCD. I`m curious :)
  4. A new way of beeing a Dick. Exchanging Heatsinks.... hopefully no one tried before!
  5. Really sick values then. Would be nice to get hold of the bios, maybe someone talented can find the magic inside. BH5 also makes me thinking. Thought 3.2V+ was the minimum (good ones) to reach 250-MHz+ stable.
  6. I stumbled across two things from the past which I can hardly believe: The 293-MHz Shuttle AN35N Ultra 400 (yes, the cpu is SS-cooled and the NB/SB H2O, but the screenshot says it's under full load!) https://web.archive.org/web/20051126073133/http://www.rhcf.com/sisubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=32;t=000065;p=2#000028 and this review where 2.9V was enough juice for Mushkin LV2 BH5 @ 253-MHz. The only mods he did was to put larger heatsinks on the NB/SB and the PLL-chip. https://web.archive.org/web/20040207083758/http://www.lostcircuits.com/motherboard/dfi_nfii_ultrab/7.shtml Legit? 🤔
  7. regardless, to me digi seems like an adventurer. Go for it
  8. Oskar Wu was working for Abit before he went over to DFI. Maybe Epox just "borrowed" some Romsip code.
  9. Thank you for the new Bios you made for the NF7. The USB-Boot option is great!
  10. I think I'll leave it at stock. It's a quite good overclocker that can run 32M at tight timings with the TicTacXT Bios. And yes, the layout could be better, ran into the same struggle with the P4 12V connector and my trusty Alpha Pal 8045 won't fit unless I would grind the mounting screws because some smd caps are in the way. The onboard Gbit failed again and the SATA Chip also won't show up during the boot process. I guess a professional reflow is necessary.Anyways , it's to rare to me play around with it anymore and now I've boxed it and stored it on a shelf. Still got my NF7 and maybe I'll get myself a Asus A7N8X someday for modding.
  11. Congratulations. Now hopefully all the brainpower and hard work pays off
  12. No problem. As long as I stay away from 3.3V it should be ok for now. thnx. Put it in the oven for 30min @ 230°F . Booted up right away and the GBit NIC is even showing up. Let's see how long it will last. And I got the bridging cap too. So it should be safer for high vdimm?
  13. I'll throw it into the oven tomorrow and see if it does the trick. What kind of SMD do I have to solder in to prevent the mosfet from blowing up?
  14. OMG. I just cleaned it and in doing so I must have flexed the pcb a bit. The Board does work again. This isn't good after all because now I know the pcb has issues... Dumpster find does dumpster things
  15. at least i'm not alone... this is sooo sad. New bios didn't do the trick. Can't tell if the smd's are ok.They don't "duct" through if this is the right term.The lowest one looks pretty burnt. Can't tell anymore if it has the bridge. Glued the heatsink on it to prevent burning/heating. It's a china version for sure.
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