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  1. Same here recently the score goes down quickly enough, but never up the same amount time to get a grip HWbot please!!! Ajay.
  2. UPDATE: It seems my Recalculate button is now working again, and my points have gone up then down then back up, so maybe they are on a yo yo ride!! I do hope this is a permanent fix for this problem. Ajay.
  3. Thanks for the reply Massman, can you say when this problem could be fixed please!! And how would you get the points back that failed to be awarded to your score?? Many Thanks, Ajay.
  4. NO answers i was hoping for someone to respond!!! Ajay.
  5. All of a sudden my points has stopped up dating and it does not matter which benchmark i choose to run the overall results is the same!! Can the ADMIN look into this matter and award the missing points, so far i make it 17.19 pts and counting. I fully understand its not much, but when benching using a LAPTOP every 0.5 of a point counts!! Also i tried the RECALCULATE BUTTON it just fails to work anymore like did before, just GRAYED OUT and no response. Regards, Ajay57.
  6. Christian Ney: thank you very much you have made a old guy very happy, i really miss my benching since my health went south and really wanted to have some fun and enjoy myself again. The Health problem is Arthritis in my hands which is not do good when you need to use tools to work on your set-up. My page and profile before my illness!! http://hwbot.org/user/ajay57/ Kind Regards, Ajay57.
  7. I had to sell my WC high grade set up due to a change health wise and now i have Laptop as a replacement. Just wanted to ask the good members if you can Bench and submit results for Boints? This is my Laptop here! 1, http://www.box.co.uk/Gigabyte_P25X_V2-CF4_1671386.html And here are the Specs for it below! Specifications, Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4810MQ Quad Core (2.8 GHz, Intel Haswell Architecture, Features Intel Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) Screen 15.6" (1920x1080 Full HD Resolution, 16:9 IPS Panel) Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Pro RAM G.Skil 16GB (DDR3 1866MHz) Hard Drive 250GB mSATA SSD + 500GB SSD Optical Drive Blu-Ray Writer (Blu-Ray HD Writer + DVD-RW & CD-RW) Graphics Dedicated (NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M with 8GB GDDR5 Dedicated Memory) In all my time as being a member i have not seen any laptop results! So if a senior member looks into my thread or anyone who could help please kindly post and let me know. Regards, Ajay.
  8. Can anyone look at the personnel ranking points as mine is way out touch with my scores!! I would be grateful if the HWbot can fix this glitch soon and return me to my proper place. Respectfully, AJ.
  9. Thanks for that hopefully it will be fixed for all the members that it affects, great job HWbot!! Regards, AJ.
  10. Sorry good members if this is posted in the wrong place!! There seems to be a major problem in the score files right now everyone you look into is NUT'S!! Meaning to say the Ranking numbers for some reason are all the same on all the different bench marks. I.E. @ CLUB LEVEL, COUNTRY LEVEL, AND WORLDWIDE LEVEL!!!! It must be a bug or something has been changed recently as it was working OK last week! CAN SOMEONE IN ADMIN URGENTLY LOOK AT THIS AND TRY TO FIX IT FOR THE MEMBERS PLEASE!! 1, http://hwbot.org/league/enthusiast?offset=2861 2, http://hwbot.org/league/enthusiast?offset=-7&countryCode=GB 3, http://hwbot.org/league/enthusiast?offset=-4&team=overclockers.com As you can see it affects all 3 of the League's!! Respectfully, AJ.
  11. For the last 2 or 3 Day's now, i have been trying really hard to get my OC to 4.8+ but to no avail. Tried ever which way possible, but the problem lies with the motherboard it goes RED in the Bios when it reaches 5.45v on the Core! Can not find a way around this problem, its working fine @ 4.7 and doing most of the Bench marks so far!! Just trying to squeeze that little bit extra out of my set up here, i would like to get up to 4.9 if possible!!! I can boot into 4.8 and 4.9 but the same old story, as soon as you try to use any Apps it Crashes right away oohhh well! Respectfully, AJ.
  12. How are you getting your Subs into the HWbot as i find everything is not working and i can not Sub any scores that i have run so far!! Regards, AJ.
  13. I have now found a way to EDIT these subs so please allow for this one to be reinstated
  14. Wrongly Sub due to include 2 x 780 ti's so i will delete this Sub as its not correct!! AJ.
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