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  1. Hi all. up for sale is a set of B-Die i bought from Hellbert a while back and never got round to using, along with my gpu collection. need to free up some funds to purchase my next rig so getting rid of most of my bench stuff. B-die is G.SKill Trident Z 3733 Cl17, does 4100mhz waza on air with 4150 on xtu. all timings etc listed in photo. looking for 170 EUR MSI GTX 580 Lightning - never done anything more than a quick run of 950mhz on air. - 65 eur (have original boxMSI GTX 460 Hawk - 35 eur (original box)MSi GTX 670 PE/OC - never tested - 50 eurMSI Radeon HD 6950 PE/OC (pretty sure this is one of the model that can be flashed to a 6970 but never tried) - alse very easily volt moddable - 40 eur (original box)Gigabyte GTX 470 SOC - 30 eurGigabyte GTX 460 SOC -30 eur EVGA GTX 570 Classified ( Have had this hit 1000mhz core on air during winter freezing temps) - original box - 40 eur 3 pairs of Gskill ddr3 ripjawz, all are 2x2gb 1600 7-8-7-24. looking for 20 eur per pair or 50 if you buy the lot all prices are before shipping.
  2. it depends. at festivals and large events, yeah its premixed. but thats so lights etc can be arranged beforehand to sync up. there are some amazing live mixed sets though, you just have to be listening to an artist that does it for the love of playing and isnt going on tours all the time.
  3. damn. came her to start my own mod log and i hope mine can be this good!
  4. nice score! judging by the frequency, might be in for a shot on the other wprime records too
  5. because this is turning into the rock thread, have this instead!
  6. i use liquid electrical tape, great stuff!
  7. agreed with leeghoofd. if youre only gaming, dont bother with prime95/avx extensions stuff. if it works for what you need it for, its stable enough.
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