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  1. Also, is there really any issues with this BIOS for trying to beat my 6.8GHz Cine R15 score with the same 8700k? Or switch to BIOS 1 which has my OC profiles saved and is BIOS 1301 or 1302, forgot lol
  2. Quick RAM OC with Elmors 0020 with CPU on AIO and fan blow over RAM. I guess i could pust voltages higher and pass 5GHz but just wanted a baseline for LN2 CPU and RAM 1.4/1.4v VCCIO/SA VDRAM 1.75V 2482.2MHz (4964.4MHz) https://valid.x86.fr/b4fbjz
  3. Thanks!! Just a pity CW using OCX Spi tweaker didnt work so didnt test CW stable...
  4. Ok so i see for the Impact BIOS 2202 seems the best for kaby lake, but can we use these KL BIOS for extreme OC on i7-7700k??
  5. Im glad you got your money back after such a long time. I wonder tho, would you ever have if I did not make this thread! Highly unlikely!
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