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  1. What win 7 image are you using? The one from the previous Apex threads?
  2. Are you running cml or rkl? I have gotten up to 4800cl14 on DR b-die into OS on cml. Rkl doesnt seem as capable with DR.
  3. I had the same issue on my XII Apex, couldn't fix bios 1 so I rma'd the board. Issue started after I updated the firmware to the most recent firmware. I know at least one other person this has happened to.
  4. I am another ambient bencher who this likely wont make a huge difference for either way. That being said, having 2 categories one for all core and one for single core seems to be the best answer to both sides. Just seems to make the most sense.
  5. Card has been traded elsewhere, please close
  6. Hey everyone, I have a 3090 Kingpin that I got from the queue and as m looking to trade it for a 3090 strix with strong core. Doesnt have to be golden but or anything but a nice card. Looking for trade plus some cash from you but amount is negotiable. Check my subs for results. Willing to trade international but we each pay our own shipping cost. Let know know what you have, and thanks for looking. Traded elsewhere.
  7. I have a couple single rank b die kits, interested? Both do 4800cl14 on z490 but one does it 1t and the other doesnt. Both are listed for sale here with screens.
  8. Bump for some strong single rank kits.
  9. Other manufacturers boards, specifically gigabyte seem to produce a constant stream of whea errors at anything but stock, and MSI requires specific voltages to not produce a steady stream of errors. Wasnt sure if asus has had the same issue but point taken on the beta testing!
  10. I have been hearing that b550 is better with renoir than x570 as the chipset doesnt seem to play as well with these processors. Anyone have that same experience?
  11. I have seen a lot of other vendors BIOs are terrible with vermeer. Anyone had a chance to test 2702 with vermeer to see if it works well? Going to be switching over to an Impact soon so I wanted to see if Asus has sorted out the bios issues.
  12. Apex and 10900kf sold. Price drop on memory kits.
  13. 3800cl14 Neos The first kit is a retail kit I picked up from Newegg in July. I did not have high hopes for this kit but it turned out to be pretty nice. I used this during Keep’s competition on a XI Apex and 9900k, and got it 32m stable at 4300cl13-13-28 1t which you can see here: https://hwbot.org/submission/4564122 Turns out this kit does pretty well but does require higher vdimm, testing on z490 with a 10900k, this took around 2.05 to 2.1 to get 4800cl14 stable. With some additional tweaking it very likely could do 4800cl14-13, which I tested for awhile but could not get quite stable. With more time or a better imc its very likely. Below is a SS with this kit after testing, test was for minimum passing. Asking $250 $200, obo shipped for this kit based on the 1t performance, comes in retail packaging. SOLD Team Group 4500cl18 This next kit is a Team Group Xtreem 8-pack that Websmile originally did a quick test on, This kit would not post 4800cl14 1t for anything but does really well at 2t. At 2t it flew through 4800cl14-13 very tight subs at 2.05 vdimm. This was a very easy to use kit once you set vdimm right. You can see despite no 1t on this kit the timings are nice and nets a good gb3 score even at 5ghz. Asking $225 $180, obo, shipped for this kit, originally paid significantly more for it, but it wont do 1t on z490 like the other kit. z490 Apex XII I received this XII Apex from an RMA for a XI Apex since Asus couldn't repair the board. Board works really well, tested the memory kits below on this board. Comes in retail box, with all accessories, and RMA slip documenting the exchange. Asking $375 shipped in the US, international shipping is extra. 10900kf This is a retail 10900kf, sp 65, that I bought to compare to my current 10900k. Some quick testing showed it was not as strong so I stopped testing it. Took core up to 5.2 in my quick test, imc is totally untested. Comes in clam shell. asking $500 shipped in the US, international is extra. ~~4000cl16 Dual Rank Royals Just finished testing this kit, ran up to 4700cl14 with pretty tight subs, I did not tune terts at all. It did not want to do 4800cl14 easily but could be possible with some extra time. Screenshots included show 4700cl14 and 4666cl14 which this kit managed with very low volts.~~ ~~Asking $335 $320 shipped CONUS, extra for international. Comes in original packaging.~~ Sold elsewhere.
  14. As someone who is pretty new here thank you for saving it. The community is fantastic and it would have been a big loss. Looking forward to what you have planned!
  15. Seconded, fantastic benching and a truely relentless competitor! Great job!
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