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  1. Training mems is more difficult on F and G, best to use E for coffee 8xxx's. I spent 30mins trying to train 4133 12-12 on F with 8700k and gave up. E still training 4200+ fairly easy.
  2. DR4G00N

    Galax 2018 Ram kit---32M 2100---

    You should do more testing to pique interest, like max freq to pass Geekbench3 @ 12-11 on air. That to me would be more interesting to see.
  3. Here's a couple with 4770K & 4 DIMM Sammy D-Die.
  4. Anyone try Coffee IGPU yet on this board? I was trying to use it yesterday but every time I installed the drivers it just gave a black screen. Edit: NVM, I think the IGPU is dead in my 8700K. 7350K's IGPU works fine.
  5. The coolant was at -15C and the base of the pot was around 2C loaded.
  6. Figured I'd do it while I had the chance. No doubt this won't last long.
  7. A difference of frequency up to 5% is allowed for Ref Freq IIRC. Nice one Nox.
  8. DR4G00N

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    So you mean my GT 430 PCI won't do very well? 😋
  9. Yes, that's what I need to do with my kit on water, boot 4k 12-11 and then bump it up to 4133 in the OS. Once the mems get a little chilly when running dice the 4133 setting starts to work, then the mems can be bumped up to 4200-4250.
  10. DR4G00N

    Please fix CPU Frequency

    On the right side of the page there's an edit button so you can fix it.
  11. DR4G00N

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR stage thread:

    Oh right, forgot about that part lol. 😛 Guess I'll go see how the GTS does.
  12. DR4G00N

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR stage thread:

    I'm guessing were not allowed to run Quadro's hard modded into Geforce cards for Stage 6? 😋
  13. Nice score. I need to break out my chip and try this again, preferably with waza & maxmem this time. 😛
  14. DR4G00N

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR stage thread:

    Your running them in the orange slots right? May just be the board not perfectly liking your specific set of TCCD even. My SLI-DR Expert for example absolutely hates my Centon Winbond UTT but works great with my Kingston CH-5.