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  1. Have you tried just using VoltageFactory to set the voltage? It should work with that card and ignore the protections IIRC.
  2. Yup, still going strong albeit a bit worse for wear. Might try to use dice on it instead sometime to try for 670+fsb, almost got a valid for 665.
  3. First off you have to use Windows 7 (or XP) for all AMD CPU's and pre-Skylake Intel CPU's unless your using the aforementioned Benchmate program. Your scores do look to be pretty low but I think it's a bloated OS issue more than anything hardware related. You also need to fix your screenshot's, the scoring window along with the render need to be in full view and unobstructed and CPU-Z CPU & Memory tabs also need to be in the screenshot. Something like this,
  4. People said the same the first time around, yet look what happened. 😛
  5. Stick with Intel for 3D benching, Ryzen is pretty much useless for it except for maybe Fire Strike or Time Spy especially since it cannot run Win XP for legacy benches. Plus Ryzen lags behind by a lot if the bench only runs single-threaded GPU test's like Vantage. A decent 8700K is a good choice without breaking the bank plus you can use it for some proper Win XP SPi 32M when you don't feel like doing 3D.
  6. Cool, I was just curious. I'll try to play in a couple stages with my ple133t board.
  7. Why are Intel chipset's not allowed though? Is there some specific reason for it?
  8. I had a go with PCIE freq on my Evga E770 and was able to boot and load into the OS @ 130MHz using the Marvell SATA ports. Didn't try higher since it's not really necessary. Also did about 250MHz BCLK with my X5687.
  9. You haven't disabled VSync. This bench is all single thread cpu perf when comparing to the same model of GPU.
  10. If it scales with that much voltage it's probably fine. Not the first time I've seen someone running a 1151 chip @ 1.6V+ on water (though I can't say I recommend it). Nice first place score. @avalanche Any of the ambient cooling leagues will never really be "fair competition" because it's totally dependent on where you live. It's -10C right now where I live, how is it in Australia? 20C or 30C? I think that might give me a bit of an advantage. If you want fair then join the Extreme league, you won't be able to complain since everyone can use whatever cooling they want.
  11. Because their chips are different ofc. Alex@ro is correct, you need lower temps to scale more. My 4770K, 7350K & 8700K do the same, 2C 1.425-1.45V max on -20c chilled coolant and 1.55V max on Dice (haven't done dice with 8700k). Both the 4770K & 7350K have done 6.5G+ on LN2 for what it's worth (@ 1.6V & 1.87V respectively). So it doesn't mean you have a bad chip it just needs to be colder to get more out of it.
  12. Yeah, it's even slower than the GT 710 which was used for this a while ago. I sincerely doubt that the cpu is really going to make any difference for something this slow. Maybe it's a bit too slow? Even vantage would only be running in the single digits.
  13. NCCH-DL for sure, it's the newer model of the PC-DL, Supports all P4 based Xeons and has dual 4-phase vrm instead of just the one shared between both cpu's. Only reason I grabbed the PC-DL was because it was $20 including cpu's, hsf's & various pci cards. Works quite well with epowered vcore.
  14. There's one thing you can do which is to flash the bios from an NCCH-DL onto the board. This will allow it to boot a single Nocona/Irwindale CPU as well as adding VCore & VDimm options in the bios. But you need some sort of EEPROM programmer to do that easily. Mine didn't like that to much though, could only boot @ 100 - 127MHz FSB and you can't adjust the FSB via setFSB or Clockgen with the NCCH-DL bios on it. Mine also blew up one of the vcore phases and shorted the cpu to 12V when I was playing around with a nocona chip, probably just a coincidence but still, do this at your own risk. On the Rev 1.05 boards the AGP/PCI is locked by default, I'm not sure if the older ones have that ability. These boards are about as reliable as a P4C800 board, ie. a bit fragile. Running two prestonia chips at 1.6V or less would probably be fine for it though. Oh and the VDimm is powered off a 5V source so doing a simple potentiometer vdimm mod will allow you to crank it up to 3.4 - 3.6V for Winbond mems.
  15. What are you interested in knowing? I have experience with this socket & Prestonia/Northwood chips.
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