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  1. DR4G00N

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    Yeah, it's even slower than the GT 710 which was used for this a while ago. I sincerely doubt that the cpu is really going to make any difference for something this slow. Maybe it's a bit too slow? Even vantage would only be running in the single digits.
  2. DR4G00N

    Socket 603/604 Hall of Fame

    NCCH-DL for sure, it's the newer model of the PC-DL, Supports all P4 based Xeons and has dual 4-phase vrm instead of just the one shared between both cpu's. Only reason I grabbed the PC-DL was because it was $20 including cpu's, hsf's & various pci cards. Works quite well with epowered vcore.
  3. DR4G00N

    Socket 603/604 Hall of Fame

    There's one thing you can do which is to flash the bios from an NCCH-DL onto the board. This will allow it to boot a single Nocona/Irwindale CPU as well as adding VCore & VDimm options in the bios. But you need some sort of EEPROM programmer to do that easily. Mine didn't like that to much though, could only boot @ 100 - 127MHz FSB and you can't adjust the FSB via setFSB or Clockgen with the NCCH-DL bios on it. Mine also blew up one of the vcore phases and shorted the cpu to 12V when I was playing around with a nocona chip, probably just a coincidence but still, do this at your own risk. On the Rev 1.05 boards the AGP/PCI is locked by default, I'm not sure if the older ones have that ability. These boards are about as reliable as a P4C800 board, ie. a bit fragile. Running two prestonia chips at 1.6V or less would probably be fine for it though. Oh and the VDimm is powered off a 5V source so doing a simple potentiometer vdimm mod will allow you to crank it up to 3.4 - 3.6V for Winbond mems.
  4. DR4G00N

    Socket 603/604 Hall of Fame

    What are you interested in knowing? I have experience with this socket & Prestonia/Northwood chips.
  5. DR4G00N

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    No Broadwell chips should be allowed, essentially makes Haswell & DC useless to compete with at the same freq.
  6. DR4G00N

    Which socket 370 motherboard?

    I have a dozen or so 133 fsb chips, I doubt all of them can't do more than ~153 fsb. I didn't get a chance to test the adapter because my cusl2 died. I tired it on my generic i815 board but it didn't seem to help.
  7. DR4G00N

    [FS] Cheap B-Die

    Have you got your IOL/RTL's set properly? 49/50/6/6 for 4K & 50/51/6/6 for higher. And it's not the IMC, you have my screens of that chip running 4133 12-11 on mocf. Vdimm @ 2.0V real VTT @ 0.850 - 0.900V IO & SA @ 1.35V These settings should work for 4K 12-11 at the very least. BTW have you tried running 12-12 first to see if it'll post at higher speeds? I know one of my kit's will not boot straight 4K 12-11 but it'll do up to 4133 12-11 fine if I first boot it at 4K 12-12.
  8. I agree that Asus P45's are not amazing for FSB clocks, My P5Q3 DLX & P5Q-E top out around 600MHz for air valid and closer to 580-590 for benching. Some can be good for 630+ but those ones seem to be much more uncommon. Not to mention that P45 DDR3 boards can only do 2T and not 1T like the X38/48 boards. I much prefer using my P5E3 DLX since it can do about the same FSB on air but is usually faster.
  9. DR4G00N

    Tweak book for cheats

    Same here, I loath running 3.2 because I know that most of the time it won't work at all or it will crash when saving the file. Which btw is a pain when your doing 1B on a P4 and it takes an hour to do. 3.3 on the other hand always worked perfect plus it's faster so I can spend more time tweaking instead of sitting around running the bench.
  10. DR4G00N

    Which 3Dmark makes use of multi-core CPU?

    Vantage only uses about 16 cores/threads. Time Spy Extreme can use more I think. Vantage's graphics test's are only single threaded also. Though a modern Intel cpu will beat that 2990WX in 3D, AMD's cpu's are not the best for 3D stuff.
  11. We should have a poll on how many poll's we should have. 😛 I just bench...well, I say that but most of the time I'm modding hardware not running benches.
  12. For the matrix you need Asus iTracker 2, it kind of sucks though (makes the card not oc very well). Sapphire Trixx works fine for the ref cards.
  13. Wish I had something to trade for the P55 Classy or M3E. Unless of course you want a budget Giga Z270 board but I'm guessing not. 😛
  14. DR4G00N

    Which socket 370 motherboard?

    Me too, I guess this is what I needed for over 155MHz fsb.
  15. Training mems is more difficult on F and G, best to use E for coffee 8xxx's. I spent 30mins trying to train 4133 12-12 on F with 8700k and gave up. E still training 4200+ fairly easy.
  16. DR4G00N

    Galax 2018 Ram kit---32M 2100---

    You should do more testing to pique interest, like max freq to pass Geekbench3 @ 12-11 on air. That to me would be more interesting to see.
  17. Here's a couple with 4770K & 4 DIMM Sammy D-Die.
  18. Anyone try Coffee IGPU yet on this board? I was trying to use it yesterday but every time I installed the drivers it just gave a black screen. Edit: NVM, I think the IGPU is dead in my 8700K. 7350K's IGPU works fine.
  19. The coolant was at -15C and the base of the pot was around 2C loaded.
  20. Figured I'd do it while I had the chance. No doubt this won't last long.
  21. A difference of frequency up to 5% is allowed for Ref Freq IIRC. Nice one Nox.
  22. DR4G00N

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    So you mean my GT 430 PCI won't do very well? 😋
  23. Yes, that's what I need to do with my kit on water, boot 4k 12-11 and then bump it up to 4133 in the OS. Once the mems get a little chilly when running dice the 4133 setting starts to work, then the mems can be bumped up to 4200-4250.
  24. DR4G00N

    Please fix CPU Frequency

    On the right side of the page there's an edit button so you can fix it.