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  1. That makes sense. I think I did both Flashback and EZ flash as I know each leaves things untouched. Like using EZ flash will leave your bios Favs the same(if you customize them) so it obviously is not "touching" everything in the bios. That why I usually just used Flashback and I thought it was the most thorough but then I would do EZ flash also because I had a feeling each was doing something the other wasn't. Sure enough it was true, Flashback was missing the microcode it seems with 11th gen.
  2. I think the people that had issue had the 11th gen CPU installed in z490 MB before updating the bios. I updated the bios before installing the 11th gen CPU(had 10th gen CPU installed). I think if you do that you should be ok. Correct me if I am wrong. I don't remembering seeing anyone have issues updating the bios using a 10th gen CPU and then putting and 11th gen CPU in.
  3. Has anyone compared the difference in CHA to CHB using 11900k? I have compared 2 different 11900k in z490 Apex and z590 Apex. In gear 1 both max@3733 CHA and 4000CHB with SR and DR b die. Wondering if anyone else found that big of a difference. On another form someone compared and found 133mhz with a few CPUs they tested and compared CHA to CHB.
  4. Flashback is still not updating microcode. Used flashback bios 902 and still shows 3c so for those who want the microcode update use EZ flash
  5. For those that cannot get one of the bios to flash and they board acts like it is bricked/dead. Try removing everything. CPU, RAM, SSD, NVME etc. Just the MB and PSU then try flashback. I cant remember it I posted it here already. This worked for me(z490 Unify/11900k) and someone I suggested it to on another site(z590 Hero/11900k).
  6. Or sorry I missed that. Yeah I have the atx. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AFtEr-SA-MLPx-U&cid=E79CCD6ABE7A6C75&id=E79CCD6ABE7A6C75!1349&parId=E79CCD6ABE7A6C75!1333&action=locate That is the closest bios I know of for the itx.
  7. I set Memory Fast Boot to "slow training" when train iol/rtls. Here is a link the to bios 2v https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alekwwtstb8wlN0aVOwWD3ccW6b85g?e=mQBWxK here is 2u which is a little newer and also good https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AG9ugOZDWIEiUFY&cid=E79CCD6ABE7A6C75&id=E79CCD6ABE7A6C75!1353&parId=E79CCD6ABE7A6C75!1352&action=locate The newer bios may be as good or better. I am just going by when I was comparing them I liked 2v best. I have only tried newer ones a little and didn't notice much of a difference. The older bios like 2v can be a little "laggy" moving around in the bios. There was something I turned off that help smooth it out but I don't remember off hand what setting it was. Something lock? Something to do with bios animations. I don't have to system running right now so I cant look.
  8. The best bios for me has been the 2v bios Also I see you iol/rtls are "drifting" that will hurt performance and cause stability issues. Also some of your timings maybe too tight. In my experience with z490 Unify, they make it much harder to get stability and need more voltage but do whatever works for you. Note those timings being so tight also make it harder to get iol/rtl tight and aligned Ideally you want something like 7/7/7/7 or 8/8/8/8. You can use Dragon Ball that is in the first post to verify them in Windows. Select Memory Channel A and then B in Windows to verify they are not "drifting/changing" For locking in iol/rtl "Boot into bios checking RTL/IOLs. May need to boot multiple times. To "save" RTL/OILs. Once trained to what you want, set training to none, it is called Memory Fast Boot on the z490 Unify. No other way to do it that I know of. Edit Dynamic will give lower RTL/IOLs than Fixed for Latency Timing Mode." https://www.overclock.net/threads/z490-tomahawk-manually-setting-rtl-io-l-help-please-with-pics.1776915/post-28740110
  9. @GtiJason What I posted about Flashback not updating the microcode was on a z590 Apex. It may work on z490, I have a z490 Apex but never paid attention. I just happened to notice it with the z590 Apex. Unless someone else posted about z490 not updating the microcode using Flashback then disregard what I said Edit I just tested using Flashback on z490 Apex and it does update the microcode. I was on 2103 MC E2 and used Flashback with bios 403 and it changed MC to E0. So maybe it is just a bug with z590 Apex or it may depend if 11 gen CPU is installed. I currently have 10700k in z490 Apex. When I had the issue in z590 Apex and Flashback not updating the MC I had 11900k installed. I am not going to remove the 11900k to test with 10700k in the z590 Asus can figure it out if they want.
  10. I posted about a bug where flashback does not update the microcode(note this is on z590 Apex). Possibly related to that? To update the microcode you need to be in UEFI and use EZ flash. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?123935-z590-bios-update-possible-issue-check-your-microcode
  11. KB4571756 https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?120581-Memtweakit-error-fix
  12. I have ran 4400c17 using the newer gskill 4000c15 4x8 kit(did not do any long term stability tests). I have not tried the 2x8 Team kits I have in 4x8 on the Unify. I also have Team 8Pack 3600c18 2x16 and it will run 4600c17-c18 for benches I haven't tried to get it stable for daily as the voltages need to be much higher so I am settling on 4400c18-19-19-39-360-655535 for now as it will be a setup for someone else so reliability is more of a priority than every last bit of performance and so far 4400c18 1.4v dim 1.3io, 1.4sa is easy to get stable with 2x16gb. I also had a z490 Hero and I couldn't get past 4000 on 4x8 and 4133 on 2x16and be stable. Supposedly the newer gskill 2x16 kits(new PCB?)are easier to get in the 4400-4500 on z490.
  13. Have you tried loading defaults in the bios, exit and shutdown and then use it? Or pressing the CLEAR CMOS on the back of the MB/with power off. Then power back on and hit the bios select and it should change and then press start to boot. If that doesn't work someone is wrong with your board. I know there is some setting that if you change in the bios it won't let the bios select button work that is why I usually just do the 2nd method I listed if I want to change between each bios.
  14. Has anyone compared just setting PPD 0 and then compare with changing the setting TXP? I have and I see no difference. The only time I see a difference is when I set TXP down without setting PPD to 0. I am just using Aida64 to test so maybe it effect other benchmarks when both are set. I just remembered seeing another person also found the same. That TXP does nothing, when PPD is 0. "*txp 3 does bupkus" https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?118328-Asus-Z490-stuff/page16#post810810
  15. Do you have it disabled in the bios? I have an Apex and it doesn't install anything if I disable Armoury Crate in the bios. It is set to enabled if left on default. It is under Tool on the Apex.
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