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  1. z690 Strix A d4 bios 901 4133c15-15-15 2x16 DR b die 1.55v dram sa/dq 1.35(auto)
  2. Just some feedback for me bios 812 is best yet on dr b die. On sr b die it is a mess for daily use. Blue screen on reboots a lot of times. Went back to bios 707 and sr b die works great and no booting issues. Might be good for XOC but not for daily and gaming from my experience on sr b die. Your mileage may vary.
  3. I totally missed this, I looked but missed in that wall of bios version, thanks. Now to test........ Really was not expecting much, but best bios for me so far on DR b die. Much lower sa and vddq needed for my setting. previous bios version I needed sa 1.4 to 1.45 and vddq 1.5v NO CPU oc @ defaults Strix A d4 812 4133c15-15-15-35 sa 1.35 vddq 1.35 dram 1.55 mem kit gskill ripjaw 4000c14-15-15 2x16 Edit added Aida64 4133c15 4266c15 aida screen for fun not stable
  4. Yeah I was talking about DR and daily stable(as mentioned in my post). SR can use lower also depends on IMC I would imagine. Running a benchmark is different than passing memtest needed for daily stability. I can run lower voltages for benches but get errors in stability tests.
  5. VDDQ and VCCSA 1.45 to 1.5 for 4000 to 4133 c14-15 DR b die. Some say VDDQ doesnt matter but from my testing it helps for me to boot 4000+. That is for daily not sure for other than that.
  6. I don't have the i but the X and the latest bios released on 9-13-21 should be the same or similar to the one released on 9-15-21 for the X and that is a good bios for both gear 1 and gear 2 so that is what I would try. It has the latest microcode 44 https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MEG-Z590I-UNIFY#down-bios
  7. The latest bios A2 https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MEG-Z590-UNIFY-X#down-bios seems pretty good the little I have messed with it. Gear 1 and gear 2 are as good as A1U so far It only showed up for me within the last couple of days but shows it was released on 9-15-21.
  8. Go into mflash and it will show the date without flashing. It will compare old to new bios. But A1U should be newer as they go in alphabetical order as far as I know.
  9. https://www.overclock.net/threads/overclocking-11700k-11900k-results-bins-and-discussion.1777365/post-28873489 This A1U(7/23/21) is the latest I know of, also looking for newer one. This helped over A1(6/23/21) from MSI site with gear 1 and seems like it helped with gear 2 on DR b die also but hard to say with changing ram and CPUs.
  10. That makes sense. I think I did both Flashback and EZ flash as I know each leaves things untouched. Like using EZ flash will leave your bios Favs the same(if you customize them) so it obviously is not "touching" everything in the bios. That why I usually just used Flashback and I thought it was the most thorough but then I would do EZ flash also because I had a feeling each was doing something the other wasn't. Sure enough it was true, Flashback was missing the microcode it seems with 11th gen.
  11. I think the people that had issue had the 11th gen CPU installed in z490 MB before updating the bios. I updated the bios before installing the 11th gen CPU(had 10th gen CPU installed). I think if you do that you should be ok. Correct me if I am wrong. I don't remembering seeing anyone have issues updating the bios using a 10th gen CPU and then putting and 11th gen CPU in.
  12. Has anyone compared the difference in CHA to CHB using 11900k? I have compared 2 different 11900k in z490 Apex and z590 Apex. In gear 1 both max@3733 CHA and 4000CHB with SR and DR b die. Wondering if anyone else found that big of a difference. On another form someone compared and found 133mhz with a few CPUs they tested and compared CHA to CHB.
  13. Flashback is still not updating microcode. Used flashback bios 902 and still shows 3c so for those who want the microcode update use EZ flash
  14. For those that cannot get one of the bios to flash and they board acts like it is bricked/dead. Try removing everything. CPU, RAM, SSD, NVME etc. Just the MB and PSU then try flashback. I cant remember it I posted it here already. This worked for me(z490 Unify/11900k) and someone I suggested it to on another site(z590 Hero/11900k).
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