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  1. I hope my post is safe. But so far it seems the community wants things to stay how they are. Max Freq = Max Freq Just an idea, introduce this All Core Max Freq as a Beta, Lord knows there is some not so great benches already in Beta, and see if people actually try or participate in it.
  2. Exactly...US ain't doing bad...with luck US has a bunch of great scores saved as well. I really hope there is a massive country effort where all good OC'rs pull together and make shit happen. I know CC the last few years down here is more a social gathering then an OC'n event. So please bring the joy of a comeback victory worthy.
  3. I personally think knowing how it calculates a score and knowing how the calculations are done would be great as well. Patch notes would be icing on the top
  4. Any idea why? Can't see anything on the website. Also might pay to change the website download link on the stage 12 competition page.
  5. Maybe a reason and others will also support this, but if only one person wants it, good luck.
  6. This was done with AMD cards a few years ago IIRC. Not many enteries into that stage also IIRC again.
  7. How many brain cells would be lost during that ycruncher stage ?? 🤢 More catzilla love would be great. Who doesn't love watching a raging pussy attacking the town 😇
  8. As for CC this year, I would vote for Spi 1m.
  9. Let's face it. Benchmate, no Benchmate, this year will be a challenge considering our regular meet up is questionable this year due to COVID-19. BUT trust me, this will ensure we try even harder.
  10. Starting the 20th is only 17 days away, and we are only discussing about it now. Just me or does this sound a little rushed I agree with Suzuki, end this year, but maybe say end December 31 ?? Five stages in a time when many people can not still travel, even somewhat locally, is going to be enough IMO Lets keep to benches that we have used in the past. In the past the hardware required has always been a balanced mixture of some newer stuff and slightly older stuff. Lets try to keep it something similar I ask.
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