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  1. ginger_nuts81

    Phase change cooling questions from a noob

    There is was lots of info on here in the past. But XS forum has plenty of DIY phase cooling articles. Not many pictures are left though. Depending on your country there could be some legal tape stopping you. Here in Australia the sale of the has is regulated.
  2. Congrats on the comp win man, massive effort. Pitty you had to disclose all the secrets. Maybe we better just get use to this fir the country cup.
  3. ginger_nuts81

    new cascade - built by piotres in 2017 :]

    Awesome work. What refrigerant did you use on each stage?
  4. ginger_nuts81

    TeamAU - GeForce GTX 980 Ti - 729067 marks Aquamark

    Very impressive work Dino and YoungPro.