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  1. Thanks, that's reasonable. They have always been lax on drivers IMO
  2. So we pay cause UL can't do their damn job, awesome!
  3. For the Night Raid submission, it says valid UL link. Is unapproved driver an allowed exception? I don't understand why the driver for my board which has been up since August hasn't been tested/approved, it's an official driver, not a beta.
  4. Thanks for the clarification Leeghoofd
  5. That's why I want some clarification, just because it took the GPU and not the CPU doesn't mean the filter is correct. It appeared you were having issues right from the beginning. If you check the 3Dmark tests it specifies GPUs in the limitations, I think they would do the same for GPUPI if it was intended to be run on a GPU. Seems counterproductive since the Division is for Ryzen CPU, not video cards.
  6. That's not the way I read it. Under limitations, it specifies all the ADM CPUs you can use not GFX cards.
  7. Are we running this on the CPU or GPU. I assumed the CPU since we already have two graphics tests in the division and it is for Ryzen but the first submission I see is for GPU which was unexpected. I see in the discussion the poster thought it was for CPU as well but the engine wouldn't take it. Just looking for clarification
  8. Thanks. I notice that the unlocked shareds still hasn't been fixed. I posted that months ago
  9. Do we really need all those tabs open or just what's required by the rules?
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