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  1. Nice, you can up your fclk maybe to go to 11K memory ^^ and 1T impossible ?
  2. I already do more than 11K memory but it's not the best for the overall score ^^ Memory work at 5000 C15 14 13 28 ez if you want
  3. but I look to many score with theses tweaks so I think now it is a commom trik
  4. ok I m going to do a 2G and a 1.5G score with the 5600x and the 5800x can you remove my scores GB4 single of this two processors please
  5. so I can do a score with 2G maxmem it is good ? I think it could be mentioned in the rules
  6. it is just the optimisation of this benchmark not a bug, you can try the same think : 1G ram, desable SMT and put the affinity on the core 2 ...
  7. It is just the ryzen 5000 architecture, there is only 2 thinks to optain this low latency, find the good core and limitate the amount of ram
  8. Hi it is not a bugged run I just found goods parameters to have the best results, no I optain the best performance with theses settings it is because I give it to the community
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