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  1. Thx Chipsy, following builzoid advice about potential scaling with capmod gave good result.
  2. Yeah having hymix on them is really rare, out of 5 card so far all elpida :(
  3. Yeah its a great card it can do 1410 but too unstable, its the same card i used for my Firestrike score.
  4. No, one of the card is so bad im going to get another one then do a modded run. The other card can do 975core w/o any mod.
  5. Dont have enough time to go for LN2/DICE :(. A Chiller setup is more simple to get going, flip the switch and go.
  6. thank you, this card has solid memory, was surprised it held its clock at the timings im running.
  7. For sure but i have to run my r9 295x2 first, next dual gpu on the list to run.
  8. No mostly because so far its the most stable driver ive tried with this gpu. I might run 05/06 but nothing older then that.
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