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  1. He PMed first and he's local, so I give precedence to that.
  2. I ship internationally but it's going to cost 'ya. Also, reserved for Sparks.
  3. Man how I wish Supermicro would make a AM4 board.. no GAYmer shit like RGB/stupid software and server quality? Yes please!
  4. Netherlands. And yes, it's a V2 board flashed with Tzk's BIOS.
  5. Too much hardware and i'm too impatient for overclocking. Comes with box and all accessories as far I know, €25 takes it. Also has Tzk's modded BIOS flashed to it and a new CMOS battery. I accept Paypal (F&F or you pay the fees) or IBAN. Shipping should be €19,50 until 5kg, less if it's under 2kg, but please do ask beforehand so I can look up the exact amount.
  6. A7N8X Deluxe V2 with your BIOS seems to work fine.
  7. Chaintech.. now there's a name I haven't heard of in forever.
  8. So I just flashed Tzk's A7N8X-E BIOS and it seems to work fine, can't seem to post above 210 FSB though, oh well I don't have that much knowledge of OCing S462.
  9. Mine's the V2. Thinking of putting it for sale though, my main system needs upgrades so I could use the money. What about that BIOS?
  10. Nah, I find raping old and long obsolete motherboards for imaginary internet points retarded. I overclock because I want more performance, not a longer e-peen. Of course you're free to do whatever you want, you won't see me hardmod my boards or some shit like that. (unless it involves lifespan extending mods like the vDroop mod for the P4P800 or recapping)
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