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  1. Oh sorry, did I trigger you :^)? For real though, JS is the biggest cancer there is webdev wise. It's slow, it's bloated and it's a shit language to write for.
  2. Here's a good thing to start with: DITCH THE BLOATED AS FUCK JAVASCRIPT. I can't even browse the goddamn main page without my system grinding to a halt. Real fun when you're trying to sub on a QX9300. Then, fix the other bugs that have been plaguing this site.
  3. Not interested, thanks. I would get raped with shipping and customs.
  4. "pcmr" Ask me how I know you're a spambot.
  5. HD3850 sold. Also pricedrop on the 7950's.
  6. Interesting scaling, I could get to 725/800 on a Quadro FX 2500M(=7950GT DT) on stock cooling with some jank ass modded vBIOS. Bad binned card?
  7. HD 3850 provisionally sold pending payment.
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