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  1. is this the highest precent overclock ever on hwbot? oh and @moi_kot_lybit_moloko's avatar is very accurate for this OC lol
  2. Yeah but Russia is a poor/developing country by AMD's definition /s Same reason you'll see the 3300X in stock in countries like India.
  3. And while we're at it, please add: Quadro FX 700 Go Quadro FX 1000 Go EDIT: lol I already requested the FX 700 Go in 2019 but Antimony never added it
  4. https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/quadro_5000m/ PCIe 3.0 on a 5000M? Boy I wish /s
  5. AMD boards tend to have issues with older ATI GPUs, ask @buildzoidabout it. (god damn tagging on this forum is broken AF)
  6. Hope you either got retardedly deep pockets or a insane amount of patience, as there were only 12 or so of these made.
  7. Does anyone know if the 6900XT ToXic or 6900XT Nitro+ SE will have a waterblock some day? 6900 XT Toxic running at 3 GHz plus on water sounds pretty lit.
  8. u jelly :^)? Seriously though, fuarrrk AMD for making it so goddamn hard to install Win7 on X570 boards. Installing Windows 7 on my CH7 is piss easy (PS/2 keyboard, integrate AMD's official X470 drivers with Integrate7 and off you go) but on my C8DH it took me forever until I finally got it to work. There's also this rather in-depth video by some Ruskie dude:
  9. Now also looking for a Reserator XT. Is €700 too much for a used 1080Ti KPE?
  10. Tried it, seems to work fine so far. I did get some weird IRQ error during POST.
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