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  1. Anyone headed to the UK anytime soon? @seal2fast has a 1080Ti KPE but since he's in Brexitland I can't buy it without getting raped by Dutch Customs.
  2. god damn it seal2fast why didn't you reply earlier, thanks to that fucktarded brexit I can't buy your 1080 Ti KPE without getting raped on shipping. Prices of the 780 Ti KP FC's are missing btw haha, mijn posts stealth-editten Leeghoofd? niks daarvan klaphark :^)
  3. I wish OP would return so I can give him my hard earned €€€€'s for that 1080Ti KPE, but it seems he isn't interested in selling anything for now.
  4. Need €€€€'s for more important stuff so i'm selling this board. Seems to POST fine, haven't tried OCing or booting XP though. €50 OBO.
  5. I had first dibs on the 1080Ti so you're second in line :^)
  6. 4.6 GHz all core. Interesting, might consider it if I can't find a 3950X.
  7. seal2fast has a 1080Ti KPE but it doesn't seem like hes in a hurry to sell so still looking!
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