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  1. For time spy extreme run CPU 16/32 rather than 16/16 Extreme supports up to 28c56t
  2. make a poll. As many others have said i think it should be a 16C rank cpu nothing else. I think that is option 2.
  3. what up! you need the competition background and a system pcture for the comp or your score will be removed.
  4. Very sneaky using z170 ddr3. I like it! Iq200 move for sure. I think it should be allowed. Also new benchmate 10.8 version fixed my issue on X79 with the rebooting bug.
  5. amazing score daveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee welcome to the team.
  6. for DDR3 stage for some reason i cannot run on X79 at all. it always gets half way through and says HWinfo error reboot required? if i reboot obviously nothing changes. I have submited bug report probably 3 weeks ago and no reply.
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