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  1. F cant take a screenshot, because it wont display results offline even with advance key.
  2. thats sad then, stick to water i guess if you arent willing to put the effort in. no point cutting everyone elses legs of to please people who wont get up and run.
  3. In 5 years you could have learnt to make one yourself. this is basically like saying people who live upsidown are not capable of learning, we must have one made for us..... Not like we asking you to design elon musk grade mars rocket, there must be millions of ac units and repair shops.
  4. Can we use multi gpu for firestrike ultra stage? I heard 4 way Radeon vii cf scales good this time of year. also it doesnt say only one amd gpu, just not an nvidia one.
  5. That ddr2 dogpile was a epic effort. its a shame i didnt have a better ddr2 amd board or i would have given you a run for you monies, i stopped benching my amd chips cos that crosshair was driving me insane. rubbish excuse get a cascade/ss/dice if you cant get ln2, then you might be able to keep up at least.
  6. there is some issue with the first set of back plates they sent out with am4 for ek blocks and it breaks the board sometimes.
  7. have to hold the block on because it doesnt post if you use back plate XD
  8. i have just used windows 7 on x470 for my subs on ryzen until now, on X570 cant even get win7 to work.
  9. [quote] dogpile any cpu goes... rules on the compo page are final [/quote]can we use ES cpus of cpu that were officially released? i have an es x5680.
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