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  1. Jumper118

    Please add HW

    thanks i am still trying to find sandy bridge version
  2. please add this lga 771 dual socket board Manufacturer HP Model Proliant DL360 G5 https://valid.x86.fr/fj0xqt
  3. none at all, chip did full pot with memory at same speed as it was able to do on air, was very surprised!
  4. as far as i am aware the only board that unofficially officially supports it is a dell R730XD server board, but of course that bios isnt available as this cpu doesn't exist These are the information i managed to get off the seller I suspect it worked in the r720 and r620 same as it works in the asus boards i have tried, ie, not at full speed. Also i really wonder who else bought them, i know for a fact Linus has at least one. But i have not seen any forum posts or youtube videos with someone with them working.
  5. This does make a bit of sense considering the fastest cpu supported by this board is the e5 2687w v2 which is 3.4ghz.
  6. I have tried the z9pe d8 ws, it behaves in a similar way to the RIVE. CPU 0 runs at a maximum frequency of 3.6ghz all core, cpu 1 seems to just run at 3.4ghz all core. The turbo timing and limits are all stock at 0, in the bios it says the cpu frequency is 3.6ghz not matter what i set it to, even though i can set the multiplier anywhere upto 54x, which is higher than the RIVE which only let me set the multi to 46x in the bios, the other issue is setting the multi doesnt work even if i set it lower than stock, so it very stuck atm.
  7. i not managed to get the multi to work, but the bclk seems to work perfectly fine upto 115mhz. anything over 115 is hard wall 00 post code. also seems like the cpu is going full speed ie 46x multi, until it reaches windows as if i try run bclk with 46x multi manually set it will not boot into windows, gets bsod 124. i had it set to 41x which would mean it would run 4.714ghz if it worked, one core does sometimes boost to 4.714ghz, but not for long, 2 cores at a time seems to boost to 4.6ghz also which is 40x. All core is stuck at 39x. later today i will try set up z9pe d8 ws as this maybe have more options to increase boost times or power limits. on the rive there is no option for these.
  8. Jumper118

    Please add HW

    hello could you please add this cpu to the database https://valid.x86.fr/kk6vap its an INTEL BLACKOPS 6 CORE 4.60GHZ
  9. i am testing on rive now, i cant seem to control the multipler, it is stuck at 39x all core with 41-42x on single core.
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