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  1. Really, do something with temperature first. Because 3930K enabling throttling from 86ะก. And did you flash BIOS with latest Intel ME through DOS mode?
  2. Pentium 4 641 SL94X Malay L608A795. Product code is 35608286 A3099
  3. Hmmm, may be you are right. Thx! One more. You can create in Overclockers for each Country rankings change "Day, Week, Month", example: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. perhaps I do not understand correctly. Here's another example: Now i have: wPrime 32m - 26sec 609ms - (AMD Sempron 140 @5629MHz) - 27.8 and TOTAL - 440.30 - points. If i deleted this result, i lose 10 point, but not 27.8 - and have 430.30 points. Why? the same thing happens if i add a result, added only 10 points not 27.8.
  5. When? Understand please, this is very important, all the selections for tournaments GOOC and MOA 2010 according to the rating.
  6. One more question. Yesterday, i had Total Points: 457.00 (Global Points: 157.00) - in wPrime 32M (2.6 Points Global) I added 1 result in wPrime 32 which gave me 30 Global boints. And i have: 467.00 (Global Points: 167.00) - in wPrime 32M (30 Points Global) Why? Where is mistake?
  7. http://hwbot.org/community/submission/982738_steelrat_cpu_z_sempron_140_5872_mhz?tab=info Problem, result is not calculated. http://hwbot.org/community/submission/982612_steelrat_wprime_32m_sempron_140_26sec_609ms This result also is not right "Sempron 140 rank: Waiting for calculation..." and global points is incorrect in my profile. Result has +30, i have +10.
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