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  1. Back then if you did not have an Oskar Wu board you were looking at buying a Maximizer or Booster for stock boards. I remember wiring the 3.3v output from the PSU, having a psu with 3.3v rail trimmer was the trick and I also remember messing up a few boards doing this, but I used my Maximizer quite a bit when I switched boards and with the Intel boards. Oddly my best BH5 is still alive from OCZ I also have the OCZ Booster
  2. A few still exist, mine has the DDR2 adapter and I have the original box. Not for sale, just showing off.
  3. If you are considering building, https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1312.R1.TR0.TRC0.A0.H0.TRS5&_nkw=condensing+unit&_sacat=0 Sometimes you can find a good deal searching for condensing units, this can be used as a chiller too. You are looking for a low temp with 1/2HP or more.
  4. I would also consider partial trade. That compressor is huge and loud but it would work for low temp.
  5. I would part with my Kryotech, tandem Americold R507/ICEON89 $1000 plus shipping Modern block and mounting to current Intel/AMD CPU/GPU sockets. Its not "budget", its an excellent SS that needs nothing.
  6. 3/4HP Danfoss R1150 + Iceon89 + butane for third stage 1/2HP Danfoss Iceon89 + R116 second stage 1/2HP Danfoss R507 first stage I am maxed out at -110c and the CPU dropped about 4C for this run.
  7. LN2, I reloaded last week. -122c CB Session ended early when Apex stopped posting.
  8. Right now you are at the end of your coolers capacity and vcore is not your friend. Set LLC to 5, run CB and back off a little on vcore until your lowest vcore is found, now step up multi and bring up vcore ever so slightly or change LLC to stronger value.
  9. Try going lower in voltage to get more speed on single stage, use LLC over vcore.
  10. I am not as active lately but I have not retired.
  11. Thanks, I will refresh the cascade soon with more coldness.
  12. I only tested to -110c but I hit 3733Mhz towards the top end cold on both chips.
  13. Purely speculating on this: "Would you look at that AMD just announced product models aligned with our current product naming convention." Conversation ended with: "Lets lift embargo on the 7960X in conjunction with AMD launch."
  14. No power button. Never had to reset BIOS even once. MemOk button works great for tuning memory. Its a really good board as I like this one better than the MSI SLI Plus, major difference is the BIOS is better on the Asus. If you were to get a board for cold, get on oc board. This is a great daily board for $259.
  15. FUGGER

    WTB: SS Phase

    PM sent, just ask in forum on my phase change reputation. I am offering you my best custom Kryotek SS unit like no other on the planet. I have not used it much in the past two years and its best to go to a good home and not sit in storage. I will pack it on a pallet and ship it correctly so it will not be damaged, I have shipped larger units around the world.
  16. FUGGER

    WTB: SS Phase

    I am in Las Vegas, not close. I have two single stage units. one is an Nventiv R507 modded unit that needs mounting for new sockets and the other is a tandem compressor Kryotek with Iceon 89 that has all the latest mounting. The Kryotech can be run 24/7 but its design is better for benching.
  17. FUGGER

    WTB: SS Phase

    What part of the country do you live?
  18. Mike Guava used fluorinert in competition at MSI MOA, not sure how he flew to China with several gallons in his luggage. First helium?
  19. I ran at full auto 2133Mhz many times, never completed and always hung on 24th loop with Windows 10. Changing from Win 10, I was able to complete a 32M.
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