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  1. I'm curious what if those guys who already received tracking numbers will receive some fake stuff, instead of something that you ordered stone for example. What will you action be after that? Is it possible to claim if order has been paid via PayPal?

  2. For sale G.Skill 17600CL7D-4GBPIS 2200 7-10-10-28 1.65v 2GBx2 kit

    Worked with different enviroments, memtest checked. Since I don't have proper platform(Z87, Z97) to test them selling memory without overclocking results

    Price: 50$ + shipping(about 10$ for two sticks in parcel). Also I have box and fan but shipping will cost a bit more

    Payment methods: bank transfer aka SWIFT or Western Union transfer.

    Also opened for offers.


  3. Everyone who hits the target gets 1 point. At the end of the competition (6 rounds), whoever has the highest points wins. In case there is a tie, we look at who hit the target the fastest.


    So if you are 5x faster than Darkvenom in the next stages, you can still win :).


    I have no idea why, but i thought that rules are similar with last year rules, so there is a prize for every stage. Seems I was wrong. Or I'm mistaken again :confused:

  4. I also think the price of a Lamborghini should be divided by 3. Lolwtf


    Why you compared your stuff with Lamborgini? Do you think you did something uniqe? It's only because you don't have any competitors and the're some guys who have extra money falling from their pockets.

    Anyway you producted it first, so you can setup price whatever you want. I just pointed on fact that guys with good arms and head exist in our world :celebration:

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