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  1. we lost the mobile sub when the desktop version was submitted. Do they count as the same thing? https://hwbot.org/submission/4612931_prokon_3dmark___sky_diver_(gpu)_radeon_graphics_mobile_(renoir_448_shaders)_10687_marks
  2. I am unable to delete or edit my sub for sky diver. I posted overall score not graphics score
  3. hyper pi 32m is calculated per core not total time? skydiver is overall score or graphics score? subs are half and half lol
  4. Is core Disabling allowed on the Math benchmark stage? Also Can we use lga 771 chips in 775 boards?
  5. Stage 10 hyper pi 32 m Is this per cpu socket? Are we allowed to disable cores and hyperthreading? Thanks in advance
  6. Is win 10 allowed on all stages or just for modern Hardware?
  7. I think many of us get time off in dec\jan for the xmas break. Makes it a bit easier. Been looking forward to this comp
  8. is it just the little notches (771 mod) or is the pcb dimensions different....no clue on this one
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