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  1. This becomes if you do not win then draw? The survey has rules and won the NO. 💣LEAVE EVERYTHING AS IT IS UNTIL 2021 OPTION 1 WINNER!!! 😁
  2. the elite and other leagues are not compatible for a survey two worlds with incompatible realities. loose or tight budgets. you can not put everyone in the same bag it's time to separate the waters and that everyone has what they need Survey for the elite Survey for other leagues end of the problem
  3. Global points - Elite vs Rest of the world. Global points Elite = 30 Records Global points Rest of the world = 10/15 Records leagues: sponsored and not sponsored Everyone happy 😁
  4. Felicitaciones! Muy buenas validaciones, no tengo buena onda con vos pero ante todo valoro el trabajo, esfuerzo y mucho menos llegar a "envidiar el progreso de la competencia". Que tengas un buen 2016 y que se congele la liga Argentina!!! Critical Power
  5. Felicitaciones por el regreso! Bienvenido a las pistas de nuevo compañero!!! Up Up Up Exitos ***
  6. The participants who reached 1st secret target cumulate two point. Real good. 1pts = 1 st = 2nd ... 7 th.... copy - paste.
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