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  1. I think we've already talk about this:


    HWBOT Team Cup 2016 - SC1: Current Gen

    Stage 2: 3DMark11 Full Out


    â–»a Nvidia GeForce 600 series , Nvidia GeForce 700 series videocard


    only ONE videocard?

    many 2x bench results....

    I think it's already been mentioned that there's no limitations in this stage, so as many as you want. As the above poster says, is a full out stage.

  2. a Mobile Celeron (Northwood), Mobile Pentium 4 (Northwood), Mobile Celeron (Merom), Mobile Pentium 4 (Prescott), Mobile Pentium (Merom), Mobile Pentium (Yonah) processor

    The stage is limited to these cpus, because of the mass of possible candidates it was cut down to these to make things clear for benchers


    Hm, does any of these even support DDR2?


    Edit: I guess Merom and Yonah does, but the rest?

  3. People


    We have enough time to fix any kind of problem or "problematic situation" here.

    Either it's from our side as users-contestants or from hwbot's side.


    No need to be too aggresive and no need to put extra pressure on people , that have prooven to be honest , fair and hard workers , here at hwbot.


    Remember to put the fun factor as number 1 priority.



    Yes, of course we all do this because it's fun. What's not fun is that maybe you've access to a particular hardware for a couple of days in the beginning of the competition and bench the hell out of it. Then, after you returned it, or it has died, the rules change and your submission is invalid all of a sudden. That could make even the happiest chump a little bitter...

  4. On this, it is same as with AMD, you bench what is available, current gen stage is the only one where we can not keep up the pattern to stay with memory type because of technical issues, AMD has no ddr4 system until now and the mobile haswell platform as well as Haswell desktop is ddr3 - sure you can use ddr3 for haswell mobile as well :)


    Ok, great to get that clearified. But then I have a follow up question, is it allowed to use another memory type if possible, even though the "correct" one is available? Example: SC3 Stage 1, can we use DDR3 motherboards for this one? This is just one example, there are more stages where this is possible.

  5. The cup did not even start now and you panic?

    I am quite amused tbh, all changes are already tasked internally for hours now, and stage rules are clear for example on the mobile sandy/ivy. @Taloken SC2-4 are completely linked to ddr generation. If you are willing to develop an amd board with ddr4 in one day, we can delete Haswell from SC1 and use only ddr4 at current gen :)


    No panic from my side :) But since I've been in a few competitions and in practically every one there are discussions about HW limitations and rules even after start, so my thought is to make everyting clear from the start so nothing is up for interpretation.

  6. I am not sure now you can read :D - on post #3 I explicitly stated that stage 3 of sc2 is mobile sandy/ ivy bridge... http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=451694&postcount=3

    On the steamroller, amd has no ddr4 system so we took newest gen they had atm and used this, we also included haswell btw for this which is also ddr3. We thought it is better than skip amd completely from new gen and also included haswell bc we are not sure everyone has upgraded to skylake all over the world already^^

    OC eSports


    Please edit rules everywhere. Stuff can't be placed in some reply in some thread somewhere. I hope you can understand that putting Steamroller under DDR4-category is confusing? Is there another exception in any other SC, or is this the only one? Please make things like this clear, it will make your own work much easier.

  7. http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=158808

    post #3 should answer your question, and if you go to the stage directly via eoc sports, you find the correct cpus needed for the stage


    qdigg I already anwered this above, we need a database fix we now wait for above 2 weeks to correct this...


    Yes, I can read, but it still doesn't make any sense? Mobile Skylake with DDR3? Does this even exists? But I guess Haswell it is then ;) To bad Sandy and Ivy aren't allowed, that would make much more sense in the category.


    And another thing, under SC1 - Stage 4: Geekbench3 Multi Core - Steamroller. How are we suppose to run this? Can anyone show me a motherboard for Steamroller with DDR4 please.

  8. Family link might come later, for sc2 stage3 refer to the announcement, already answered this and stage description is correct on this if you check it


    P.S. check hwbot database cpu for bulldozer and piledriver, these are 15h gen1 and gen2 - please keep in mind that server cpus are not allowed for team cup


    I'm sorry, but where do I find the official announcement? How can the description be correct, are there even any laptops with mobile Skylake and DDR3? And Stage 1 have Sandy and Ivy, it just seems logical that Stage 3 should have it also? I'm just feeling very confused, maybe this announcement will clearify thing, if I only could find it :)

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