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  1. Oh really, thanks for the tip. I may have to re-install Windows for the 3rd time in 36hrs because Windows 10 can't help but update the wrong drivers and hardware ids for stuff... having that stupid issue where Windows takes my Sound Blaster Z and says it's a Recon3d, changing it's HWID and taking away my sound... need a diff sound card as there apparently isn't a fix. However I didn't have this issue till changing motherboards... Sorry, getting off topic lol. Thanks again however.
  2. Ah, that makes sense, since the RAM has to send the info to the CPU for the benchmark. Okay, thank you for your response I appreciate it. I didn't know XTU performed better on Win7 than Win10 but I was just checking to see if it's stable @ 4.9Ghz and saw the result from other people so I got curious. If I had a better cooler (or I a better OC'er) my CPU will run at 5.0Ghz stable, but with an H80i the temps were out of my comfort zone along with the voltage at 1.375v (saw differing information in regards to what is considered a "safe" voltage but 1.375v seemed a bit high for 24/7 use)
  3. Hello, first post, but was hoping someone with much more knowledge than I could educate me a bit. I'm currently overclocking the 4790K I just received and after benchmarking using XTU I got a score of 1084-Marks. However, when looking at the posted results from other community members, I see results with a 10% increase in Marks at lower frequencies such as 4.6Ghz. Now I know that pure frequency isn't the only thing that matters, it's how you get there, but does anyone happen to know what the parameters are that allow lower clocked CPUs to score higher? System information, just in case it'
  4. Very nice, could I ask what your voltages were for your 4.8GHz OC?
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