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  1. A new version of XTU released Release notes https://downloadmirror.intel.com/24075/eng/XTU-6_4-MR-ReleaseNotes.pdf
  2. I had similar issue with a few of the version but it didn't save scores numbers in profiles after a reboot. It also didn't save any OC setting on next reboot. That all got fixed in a few versions after, I don't really BM much, just use XTU to tweak few values over my bios settings for windows. I wonder if OC settings work after reboot.
  3. I can tell you in, the BM works, I have never tried submitting results but it does work (displays scores etc and all cpu info is correct). I have not tried later versions. This is on Asus Z77Pro -i5-3570k.
  4. Another new version in 6.2 branch ( https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/66427/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU- Release notes https://downloadmirror.intel.com/24075/eng/XTU-6_2-MR-ReleaseNotes.pdf
  5. Is this version exclusive to X299 or older platforms are supported to? Any release notes, pdf.
  6. new version out https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24075/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU- Release notes https://downloadmirror.intel.com/24075/eng/XTU-6_2-MR-ReleaseNotes.pdf
  7. How is that graph counting, is it by submissions or DL count ? If submissions, the number is a lot more as many use it only for OC app and not benchmarking so much (maybe just locally).
  8. Thanks so you have to set each with different priorities, I have tested with p95-bench.exe raised but i always got same scores on my system. I am just curious as I do QA for Processlasso, thanks.
  9. Are you saying fixed BM scores ?
  10. There new version out, if any had problems with last few. I haven't tried it as last one is working fine.
  11. I didn't know that, so then doesn't officially support IB? Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake are last 3, I get approx the same BM results and all seems to work as 5.2 version. I mainly installed 6.1 for better Win10 support.
  12. new version out, https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24075/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU-
  13. New update released and first look it looks like profiles saved is fixed. Will know more in a day or so if all is ok. Edit: Saved profiles are working again in this version.
  14. ok, nothing is fixed with profiles. 1) old profiles don't show. 2)new profiles are not saved, shown in list on restart of XTU. 3) crashes with show button. example, I can import or make new profile, click apply, all is good. now say i want to go to default (stock bios settings), click on default, and once I hit show button at top XTU does not respond anymore. Also on installation, my MEI is ,it didn't update to newer version like in readme, maybe cause I am on IB and newer is not needed, don't know. Guess I will stay on 5.20.14, its not worth trouble as i am not into BM. Just want to use XTU for small tweak in freq/voltage
  15. Ok, thanks. I found this but doesn't say if profiles were fixed, just that new ones don't work in old versions. https://downloadmirror.intel.com/24075/eng/XTU-6_1-MR-ReleaseNotes.pdf
  16. Hi Massman Is there a readme to whats get fixed. Is it just BM results or does it have other fixes like profiles saved/working ?
  17. here my results using Processlasso with my i5-3570k, version XTU 4300-4400 , Probalance enabled (priority lowered), 2 runs 775, 776 Probalance excluded on p95-bench.exe (default priority), 2 runs 777, 776 same as above but changed power plan to HP, 2 runs, 775, 775 Same as above but set p95-bench.exe to above nromal (note it keeps toggling from normal to above normal), 2 runs 776, 777 So not much change , this is on W10 so it hard to know what back-ground processes start running, also PerfTune.exe is set to high priority by default.
  18. what trick are you talking about, raising priority of XTU ?
  19. Ok, went back to all is working right, but did find out profile made with is not compatible with 5.2. I first thought it might be Win10 build 1607 but 5.2 works fine so I will stay on it.
  20. Yeh, you know the box that comes up when first run, I first click to not show again (this doesn't work). after I have it not enabled in that pop up, I go into setting where there it is enabled. I uncheck it and next time I run it , it is back to like first time I ran it. It does run last OC, but any other saving doesn't work. The Intel telemety I can see is set to 1 in reg too. I have a few GUI.logs and I see err messages in there, so if you want it I can give it, might help. I could also post it here, not to big. Ok, another problem, if I click on default profile (to get back to stock clocks) and as soon as I hit show button at top XTU crashes. Going to reinstall and see if that helps.
  21. Ok, Installed 6.1.29 , I first set XTU back to default profiles. I unstall the old 5.2 version, it asked if i wanted to delete old profiles, I didn't check that off and uninstalled. Install new version, go to profile tab and no profiles listed. So I first think uninstalled deleted them, So I check a few paths and find them here. C:\Users\Ed\Documents\Intel XTU Profiles I made new profile and its not stored here so saved stored profile must of changed (will check in XTU info page). I didn't BM but this version seems to save clocks fine on reboot. I also notice no watchdog listed in program files. Ok, its not saving any profiles next time I start it. If I hit import I see old profiles and can import them and run them but again, next start of XTU and no profiles are show in porfile tab. Edit: It also not letting me opt out of telemetry either, its like every setting is not saved. Also should it of updated IME, normally each version of TXU updates that along with install. I am on IME
  22. My bad, i misunderstood, I didn't run benchmark, I just ran the CPU load test and looked at graph (clock speed) with both power plans. Thanks for conformation it saves OC setting.
  23. I get same CPU clocks no mater power profile in 5.2.014 . What does CPU-Z show and are you getting same CPU% running both power plans. I know Skylake with Win10 adds some new power management ,maybe that can affect too. You didn't happen to see if XTU saved your OC (if you made any) in XTU, version wouldn't save any OC settings on reboot for me. Wonder if thats fixed, will have to try when I have time.
  24. Its been a while , nobody else has the issue i mention above (no watchdog, no saved OC settings on reboot)? I checked readme pdf and only thing mentioned was KMDF 1.11 which I have installed already . With I lost watchdog some how (not listed in installed program files >Intel watchdog timer driver), info page also shown it not enabled . Was thinking of moving to Win10 but does version work there ?
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