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  1. Thanks all, fun was had, looking forward to 2021
  2. They are Microsoft supplied for that version if OS. You’re cooking with parts of OS
  3. Damn I haven’t been on here for ages, drop in to see if site still alive sees Moonman on front page, whoaaaa is this 2010 all over again How are you old budy old pal? I see you still know how to bench too heheh, good job!
  4. Yeah that was a memorable time! Hey Sam, we officially referred to this get together as Hogfest 2018, many Hoaggartens were destroyed hahahah
  5. Thanks guys :) Holy smokes my mate Chispy still around, how the hell are you mate?! Long time no seee
  6. Mate, Harry does all the work for James. He's the brains of the operation!
  7. Someone revealed to us what his "tweak" is. James, might as well reveal his "tweak" since everyone is buying the legitimacy of this guy in general......Who wants to see 400K 3D01 with a video proof and all?
  8. Nice karta, looks like you got yourself some German fans hahahahaha https://youtu.be/Z-FPimCmbX8
  9. CPU was at -20C as IMC takes a hit and RAM clocks drop off. I didnt want to push this retail chip too hard as we did some cold testing and this chip could bench around -150C but RAM clock was around 3K mark only...
  10. I wasn't allowed to LN2 the guy's GPU hahaha. It's all good. IMC on Threadripper was stronger than Ryzen, you just need Bdie memory ICs
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