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  1. Hi all, long time since i don't log in over here. Wondering how is life treating you all, i hope everything is fine with you and still are able to break many "records del mundo" even if it's not hardware related xD. Best wishes to all of you.
  2. Nicely done TSAIK!!! , just one question, is that 1.1v seen on CPUz accurate? it looks quite low for 32 cores at 5.75 GHz
  3. Thank you all I can't sell the chip because i really don't own it Ok i'll try those ones, i should have my vantage license key somewhere I've been told that maybe 3D11 could be a good one, will try and see Thanks
  4. Got my hands on a 2990WX threadripper beast, and i'd like to run some 3DMark which would make use of many cores, i remember some time ago when i was an overclocking "legend" xDD, that 3D06 had the 2nd stage running a CPU bench, i don't know which 3DMark version is better for my purpose, i mean which one makes use of as more cores the better. Any advice? Thanks PD, i have run all core-intensive benchs already such as cinebench etc, i just want to run a 3DMark to make some more testing
  5. review trung tâm kế toán wordpress thành lập doanh nghiệp tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán g lượng một nghìn cân của khối sắt.

    Thế nhÆ°ng chá»— tốt của trá»ng lá»±c không gian không chỉ ở trong rèn luyện, chá»— dùng lá»›n nhất chính là trong chiến đấu.

    - Nếu nhÆ° hiện giá» ngÆ°á»i khác đánh ra má»™t quyá»n, Ä‘á»™t nhiên ta phát Ä‘á»™ng trá»ng lá»±c năm mÆ°Æ¡i lần, nguyên bản cánh tay mÆ°á»i cân ở trong trá»ng lá»±c không gian ảnh hưởng lên tá»›i năm trăm cân, sợ rằng đừng nói là đánh ngÆ°á»i ta, chỉ duy trì trá»ng lượng cánh tay thôi cÅ©ng đã mệt chết hắn rồi.

    Kiệt Sâm hoàn toàn có thể tưởng tượng tràng cảnh lúc chiến đấu, ngÆ°á»i bình thÆ°á»ng Ä‘á»™t nhiên gia tăng trá»ng lá»±c cánh tay lên chục lần, nếu Ä‘iá»u chỉnh không tốt c

  6. Michael, no hurries, you doing an excellent job , i'll be back at the right timing
  7. thanks for this writte up websmile, and thank you and joe_cool, i can say with a smile on my face that Team OCX is back, shall my oportunities to get back at OC bussiness come shortly, i really miss the action involved, i'm still young though, a young abuelo , who knows if ocxtreme can push anytime in the incoming future for a top ranked place again, best of all though is to "see" good old friends all in the same place, and new ones too i'm still alive hehe, very busy atm with lots of personal stuff going on, plus i had a kid, so that lacks even more my spare time, but i'm lurking here from time to time, and at OCX now too, wish old times would come back, i have lots of good friends all across the world due overclocking, that's what i value the most, i'm sure we will meet again no matter what for thos who doesn't know me, i was the Team OCX captain and formerly team builder if you can say it so, and i'm registered before Massman in hwbot hahaha, eat that Pieter (don't ban me or i will send you killing UD9 ) best regards to all
  8. haha yo Kenny how you doing man well actually it has some connection to overclockers, and no overclocking could have ever happpened without overclockers single-malt, i'm all down for that take care!!
  9. i just hate Massman and SF3D because they tricked me with delicious whiskey when we were at cebit, then Christian Ney was nice enough to take care of me while i was wandering like a zombi in the disco and i hate Roman too cause i suspect him to be the one who covered me with a gay blanket while i was dead-drunk asleep miss old days...and i miss: -drinking bourbon with Kenny -laughing with Monstru -arm-wrestling with SF3D -making hicookie drunk with tequila -watching Sam drinking vodka -teaching Spanish slang to Pt1t -having endless beer with joe_cool -joking about overkill cooling GPU solutions with Massman that was good old day OC
  10. http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=111762 wtf DRACO, i won't take anyone's side here, but this is way off, first of all this is not the place to point any fingers at anyone because of a personal fight second, there's no such mention to French neither Romanian and basically non other disrespectfull comment to any country in your private message you are exposing here there is no honor exposing anyone pointing fingers at him publicy here, if you have a problem with him you have to sort it out privately with him, exposing a personal quarrel and blatantly overstate the concept making the other person look bad is a really low blow last but not least, your personal issues with him has nothing to do with OC community, so this attempt to make him look like a racist ass is way out of base
  11. If i remember correctly, someone wrote an article explaining how wazza/CDT affects system cache, and a complete explanation generally, i think it was posted here at hwbot? anyone has the link to that article?
  12. suzuki has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. do it do it do it!
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