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  1. Yeah, I figured this would not be news to the OBT guys. Cheaply made knock-off for sure.
  2. Always happens. Ya make a good product and some slime copies the design.
  3. Damn, I hate seeing crap like this... https://www.amazon.com/Cooling-Aluminum-Overclocking-Support-Graphics/dp/B07YF8R9X9/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=PC+Test+bench&qid=1594143981&sr=8-8&th=1&tag=overclockconvert-20
  4. ah - I get it, no restrictions, but the team needs one (and only one) of each, AGP, PCIE, PCI, hybrid and integrated socket... one for each "buss" type. yes?
  5. Vega 11 is not a " Legacy GPU" - launched 2018. But yeah, with GTX 1080 and RTX 2080 subs I can see that this stage needs more definition.
  6. Yeah, it's unclear to some participants. Thanks. And regarding stage 14, there are enough dual GPU cards out there capable of running Skydiver FSU for a Country Cup. As you noted, it's not about getting the highest score, it's about getting four! 👍
  7. SkyDiver stage... GPU score or Overall score. Currently, both are being submitted.
  8. for the country cup, enter the GPU score, not the overall score. :thumb:
  9. yeah - must be cognitive bias Bummed, Looks like there's only one or two stages I can participate in at this point.
  10. question: for the cloud gate stage, are the Ti versions permitted? eg, 1070Ti?
  11. On request, the 10th anniversary will be a mixture of the stages from the previous Country Cups. aiming for 14 stages in total Pifast: LGA1366 - Bloomfield core (Xeons allowed) (4 scores) Wprime 1024: AMD Deneb - (4 scores) Superpi 32M LGA771/775 - 7x multiplier - (4 scores) - Adapter allowed HWBOT X265 1080P AMD 1-3-4-5 cores - (4 scores) BCLCK INTEL per mobo socket (socket 1151V2 = V3) - (4 scores) - no adapters allowed CB R15 CPU (Single core test) - (AMD only) (4 scores) Y-cruncher 1B - per socket (4 scores) 3DMark06: AGP/PCI/PCIe/integrated & Hybrid GPUs - (5 scores) - desktop only 3DMark01 SE: Intel Integrated graphics - Sandy/Ivy/Haswell/Skylake/Kabylake & Coffeelake CPUs - (4 scores) - mobile allowed 3DMark 11 Performance - SLI or Crossfire - AMD FX Bulldozer/Vishera CPUs - (4 scores) CATZILLA 576P AMD GPUs & AM3/AM3+/4 CPUs --> win7 only - (4 scores) Cloud Gate GTX 470/570/670/770/970/1070 GPUs only - (6 scores) - NON Ti cards 3DMark Skydiver - (4 scores) 3DMark Firestrike Ultra - Dual GPU cards only - (4 scores) Here's the 1920 x 1080P Competition Background
  12. IMO, it's a rule that should not have been copy-pasted in to this Division. 9900Ks but not any RTX? I have no idea what AMD card is equivalent to a Titan RTX. ;)
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