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  1. Would the changes impact performance of Zambezi chips? I have been using BDC x64 R1.02b while gaming. I am running a decent, but not extreme overclock on my FX-8150 @~4.5Ghz. This update seems to improve stability *tremendously*. While playing Battlefield 4, I have not been having freeze/crash issues while utilizing this. My experience has been fantastic. I recommend this highly for Crossfire users who overclock to gain scaling performance. I ask this to respond to Gigabyte Support. I am trying to coerce them into updating the microcode for my motherboard's BIOS, even though the VRMs are too weak to support the latest Vishera chips (FX-9xxx). They seem to have responded negatively to overclockers in the past with this motherboard (990FXA-UD3 v1.1).
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