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  1. i have a 20L dewar and a 30L, also venom pot. Stopped benching awhile ago and sold everything but this is whats left.
  2. Strong Island

    Dewar 30-40l

    i still have a really nice 20L dewar and a almost brand new 30L dewar.
  3. i still have a pretty brand new kpc venom pot, will sell decent price
  4. also willing to take offers on remaining stuff. really sucks even if i wanted to oc i fell pretty hard and broke my hand and arm, so no lifting dewars for awhile anway.
  5. i mean the shipping would be a lot but i do have a 20l and 30l left. i can get a quote. i also still have a pretty brand new venom, and some mobos left. will throw in a lot of thermal grizzly with last purchases. hopefully everyone who got stuff is happy.
  6. ok the f1 dark cpu pot is sold, this is whats left - venom cpu pot - $225 1 30L Dewar - $300 1 20L Dewar - $200 I also still have the 5 motherboards left 1 asus impact m8i - $150 1 asus IX Apex - $175 1 asus rampage v10 edition x99 - $300 1 gigabyte z270 soc gaming - $150 - (oc panel sold) 1 asus maximus 8 extreme - $300 1 Samsung SSD 120GB Evo 840 - $100 1 Dimastech Easy v3 - $150 1 Rockit Cool Delid Tool - $30 I am flexible on prices just to get rid of everything. Thanks to everyone who bought stuff and if any issues please let me know here. Thanks.
  7. Ok so everything is shipped except for radi's cpu which is going out tommorrow and some fans for funsoul. So what I have left is - venom cpu pot - $225 f1 dark cpu pot - $225 1 30L Dewar - $300 1 20L Dewar - $200 I also still have the 5 motherboards left 1 asus impact m8i - $150 1 asus IX Apex - $175 1 asus rampage v10 edition x99 - $300 1 gigabyte z270 soc gaming - $150 - (oc panel sold) 1 asus maximus 8 extreme - $300 I am flexible on prices just to get rid of everything. Thanks to everyone who bought stuff and if any issues please let me know here. Thanks. edit - (also forgot I have the dimastech bench, 120gb samsung ssd, delid tool)
  8. Hey Im so sorry, just replied. ok don_dan's heater and 7350k were sent priority mail express international, will send tracking now.
  9. ok tek 9 fat gpu pot shipped and tracking sent. 7350k and inferno heater will go out tommorrow, sorry international takes a little more time for me and I lost a few days with storm and halloween. meeting funsoul friday and rivaldokfc and radi stuff is pending payment. Anyone else who had stuff on hold is still welcome to pm me.
  10. well im definitely not a salesman and all that mattered to me was that people who I liked were getting a nice deal on stuff. Im not even getting much back compared to what I spent and I feel one day I will pick it up again, so I dont even mind keeping it. I will text you today and meet up whatever day you are free. I can create a thread at ocn if you need it, I have really great feedback there for a lot of stuff. I will just fill up my car with everything I have and you can pick out whatever you want. I have so much stuff I will give you. like all the spray on LET, frost king, some of the thermal paste, blue paper towels, probably a lot I cant think of. I am shipping out don dans and aleslammer tomorrow. Then rivaldokfc and radi's as soon as payment is recieved, which I am not in a hurry for This power outage really messed me up. My local PO doesnt even have backup generators. I have to go meet my niece at 2nd grade and watch her halloween parade and take her trick or treating so I couldnt get out of work in time to go to PO today. We can meet whatever day is best for you.
  11. i dont understand what I did wrong. We had a crazy storm in new york and power was down all day. I then tried to log in last night and I couldnt log in. What did I do. I opened a thread and said first come first serve. Well now that ozzie is complaining I am closing thread and going to sell everything privately. I was trying to give my friends at hwbot a good chance to get some great stuff. I will ship out the stuff I have money for but really dont need this. I tried my best and I dont even see what I did wrong. If anyone wanted something and now cant please thank ozzie, I was trying to be as nice as possible and was checking in here everyday while getting all the packages together and cleaning everything so people got nice clean stuff.
  12. ok I updated the OP the best I could with what is sold and what is on hold. I dont think I want to try and ship the 580 lightning or motherboards international. It will be really expensive and probably not worth it. If someone wants one of the more expensive ones maybe we can figure it out. The boxes alone are huge and heavy. Also people wanted to see the heatsinks for 4133 ram. Samsarulz please take a look and let me know if you want them because rivaldokfc really does. I added anything else I can find and more pics. I will probably find more stuff as I start shipping this week. Please if I missed anyone in the OP please let me know. I guess from now on just post in here so we can keep everything organized. Once you say you want it here we can move to PM for shipping and payment info. Also I am going thru pm's and thread right now to see who asked for oc panels first. I also forgot to say I will leave the thermal probes on the pots. So aleslammer you will get a thermal probe with your tek 9 fat. Anyone who orders the venom or f1 dark will get one also.
  13. yes that sounds good. I will update first post tonight, with pics of new stuff. I will put in parathesis what is on hold and what is sold. sorry for confusion everyone.
  14. ok so sale_quiche was first to ask for 580L and then ozzie. Just remember that I have pm's also, so I went thru and sale-quiche was first. So I will send sale_quiche a quote for shipping and if it falls thru I will sale to ozzie and then gunslinger would be next. 285 classy and 7700k is reserved for radi, for right now, pending payment I also forgot I have an x99 champion in good shape. I have a z97 soc force but it sat for years with vaseline on it and is covered in nasty dust.
  15. hey I am really sorry, I am trying to be as fair as possible and I mentioned a couple times that I was waiting for samsarulz to answer me, but I havent heard back. Maybe in like an hour I will check who is next. I will post here in an hour, who has next dibs on ram. sorry, sold my evga 1600 p2 before making thread. I have 2 corsair neutron 120gb, 1 samsung evo 840 120gb, and zadak 250gb. I have a samsung 240gb I am using but will maybe sell. If you are grabbing a bunch of other stuff I would give good deal on ssd's. just have to check current prices and will discount from there.
  16. ok little update - 7700k, 285 classy - radi 580 lightning, suzuki has the floor, haha. just waiting for him to let me know if he wants, if not I will move down list. Please anyone that wants something besides what has been claimed and hasnt heard back, please let me know here. Thanks a lot. also if I have forgotten any claims, please let me know.
  17. ok ya I saved the heater and 7350k for you because you were the first to ask. Im sorry if anyone else missed out. He was one of the first replies to this thread. I thought maybe people realized it was sold to him, so I was waiting for him to let me know if shipping was ok then I was going to reply to the next person on the list. sorry I didnt realize how many pm's anbd replies I would get. It has been a little confusing. But I have the weekend off and I am sorting everything out now. so far off top of my head tek 9 fat - aleslammer heater + 7350K - don dan 35L dewar, rads, pump res - funsoul 1 of the dewars - rtsurfer Suzuki was first to ask about gpu's I havent heard back from samsarulz on the mem so if I dont hear back today I will pm next person. dont freak out I am sure there are other claims, just have to go thru pm's. f1 dark and venom still available. radi claimed the 7700k. I guess the confusing part is multiple people want multiple things. So they may have claim to 1 thing while wanting another even though someone else claimed it. So it's a little mixed up. But I will just go by first come first serve
  18. I have been getting quotes and the rads are pretty big and I would need to use a lot of padding, I feel like a box that big would be $70+, I dont think it will be cost effective. I would need to weigh everything and then figure out dimensions to get a proper quote. I think at least for the rads I will go with local pickup but anything smaller you are welcome to. The blocks would be cheap to ship. I feel bad but ya I think I will stick with local pickup for rads. I will put your stuff aside, no rush, I am free anytime. I wouldnt want the fins to get damaged so it would be a big heavy box to ship internationally.
  19. I also forgot I have a dimstech easy v3 bench with a bunch of accessories. Can add pics after work tonight. Also have universal ek gpu block, ek supremacy cpu block, swiftech mpc35x pump and an ek huge like 300ml res. 2 rx360 rads and a bunch of corsair high performance sp120's I would really rather local pickup for dimastech bench, will be annoying to ship but if someone wants to pay for shipping I could probably do it.
  20. thanks a lot, you are making me sad now, haha. but it's just money, hopefully I will progress in my career and make enough money to come back. I just need to get my priorities straight. It's not cool to spend everything you have on your hobby and not have enough for life stuff. I know I took it too far and that isnt necessary to enjoy it, but I definitely have issues and maybe a break is good, but it really makes me sad because I loved it, if I had enough money I would never stop. Too bad there isnt much support left for normal overclockers. hey I am waiting to see if samsarulz wants the mem because he was first person to ask but if not I will move to next person. If you bought the mem I would sell you the oc panel also.
  21. Hey I replied and also added pics to the OP. let me know I can meet anytime really. also forgot some ssd's Also for local pickup I have a nice torch with 2 cans of map gas and also 4 nice thermos's and a bunch of insulation stuff. Like a couple full cans of spray on LET and a roll of frost king, blue paper towels and whatever else I can find. most of the insulation stuff is free.
  22. Priority mail offers the tracking and insurance, but I feel like I would be worried in the small box about enough padding. Im sure I could probably add tracking to the cheaper service. I would think insurance is also available on everything. But I know priority includes that stuff.
  23. ok cool, I am not in a rush. I am off on weekends but my job is flexible and weekday is ok also. Just let me know when ready. I will hold 35L for you. I will upload some pice tonight just in case you change your mind. It is older looking but held the best out of all 4 of mine. It was my favorite. Only thing is that it has a wide mouth. But I actually like it better because you can get it out fast. I put up on a chair and pour into a styrofoam cooler. and then can pour into thermos's. I still have my cooler, you can have it.
  24. If I am doing this right it looks like first class package international service is $22.50 to Germany. $33.95 for flat rate small priority or $66.50 for medium flat rate priority mail. It's ok if you dont want it because there are a couple people who asked. But $22.50 will probably be cheapest.
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