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  1. At first thank you! I've the Premium too (Rev. 1.02, i think it was the only Rev?), see here my Sub https://hwbot.org/submission/4806465 The used RAM (Corsair with TCCD) can run 1T 250+ on Socket A (462) A7N8X Deluxe (Rev 2), but not on this board, i would hope the fault is about my CPU, not the Board. My CPU-Z -> Chipset says "K8 Bridge [Rev 00]" Diamond's CPU-Z -> Chipset says "nForce4 [Rev A3]" Is there something to know or because other CPU-Z version? My CPU Batch is CCBWE 0541XPMW, so i think this is a very early Toledo, does anyone have any information on whether there were improved mem controllers in 2006? Diamond's Batch would be interesting. As i read Toledo E6 should be better as Manchester E4 More infos about my Chip (2T testing): - DualChannel above 290MHz Mem is very instable, with struggle i can hit 300 idle - with one stick ~330-340Mhz idle is reachable - max BusSpeed i testet in this combi was about 390MHz I only have an 3700+ SanDiego for more tests.
  2. Interesting to see that your A8N-SLI doesn't have a 1T bug? It seems to be very common that around 235/240+ FSB cannot run stably at 1T, like my board. Have you tried higher MemClocks? Maybe you can post Rev and Production Date of that Board or something? Thanks
  3. i have another question about Stage 2 (AM2 / DDR2), "Only use processors using socket AM2, AM2+ socket" means that CPUs who are listed in DB as "AM3-CPU" on AM2+ Socket-Board (with DDR2) allowed or not? Thanks.
  4. As far as I know, the multi is blocked above the maximum original, but all tools read the high wrong clock if you set something with tools like BrazosTweaker, the performance is also the same as stock, on google you can find something about it with "E-350 Glitch", same for E2-1800. I don't want to complain about this result, but unfortunately the cpu doesn't clock that high for real, i tested it for myself, but I would be happy if you can show us that it can be work
  5. Thanks, can confirm it after quick test, no stutter/drops. but fps performance in Game 1 still lower (tested with Cat 8.12) compared to 7.7 or nvidia. Made few tests here with a X1950GT Link
  6. After install the CSA Patch (with VC++2005-SP1) no drops anymore in Game 1 (tested Cat 8.12) but fps performance is as before thanks to Digitalbath
  7. i tried Car and Nature separately for testing, but for Score no test ordner, run alle tests in one try and i dont setlod. i made some testes (all with CPU 215x12 and RAM 1:1 CL2-2-2-4, X1950 GT about 600/720MHz) Cat 7.7 works fine in CarChase (no drops) Car Low/High 271/95 FPS but in Nature only 180 FPS Cat 7.11/7.12 dont let me start the bench (3Dmark error about 3DDERR_INVALIDCALL) Omega 4.8 Car Low/High + Nature 248/92/227 (i forgot to remember about drops, Nature low performance) Cat 8.5 Car Low/High + Nature 234/84/235 (with drops in High, Nature low performance) Cat 8.12 Car Low/High + Nature 242/84/320 (with drops in High, Nature good performance) Cat 9.4/9.10/9.12 was not installed correctly (found false hardware or OS or something else) Cat 10.2 Car Low/High + Nature 239/83/233 (with drops in High, Nature low performance) Then testet an X1050 stock and noticed drops too (i think it was with Cat 8.5). Then testet the 7600GS from above again (only DDR2, driver 163.75 about 470/470MHz) Car Low/High easy first try 287/94 FPS and no drops so Cat 7.7 is not as good as nvidia driver in CarChase but close to it. Tried change all settings in CCC to Performance but no difference somebody know why nature is so much different?
  8. Thanks, tried 7.7 and works fine in CarChase, but very low Performance for Nature. Cant install the CSA Patch exe
  9. [QUOTE]TerraRaptor sagt: 19 days ago – Did you have a severe freeze (drop to 1-3 fps) in Car low and Car high when mech launches missle?[/QUOTE] with X1950 drops hard but no freeze and not every time. same in car low sometimes after the car launches the second missle and the cam focus the car only before he drives through the legs. Testing 7600GS before i had nothing like this.
  10. Game 1 suffers a lot with ATI drivers?!, first tested a 7600GS (only DDR2, driver 163.75) and results in 280 / 94 FPS. Game 2/3 was qual to X1950, but Game 4 with X1950 much more. While checked out max Board FSB i messed up my winXP, needs to reinstall and change VGA-card to X1950, its clean nothing old from nvidia drivers. Catalyst 10.2 was boring, Omega too (only 200FPS in Game 4), 9.X would not be installed.
  11. So close Tzk :) Thanks for upload custom BIOS, i used yours (1008 RS). First modded Board ever, 12V-Rail CPU Mod and modded vCPU, vMem, vDD with VRs
  12. Hello, did all three submissions friday but all are removed. I found the links out of my browser history but i am being redirected to others guys submissions, in my hwbot profile there are no of this three submission anymore too. Here is an link to a screenshot saved from oc-esports.io from my submission (out of Browser History) HwInfo only needed if benching without Benchmate, right? Other have no Hwinfo either. Did i something wrong? Thanks
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