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  1. I am running a 5800X with a 3080 and got some Patriot Viper 4400 ram (4x 8gb). However, it cost me $300 USD here in Canada. With my Noctua NH-D15 blocking airflow over the ram, I am struggling to keep the ram under 50C, especially with the ram on the CPU side. Otherwise, the cpu cooler is perfectly fine. Would I get more perf VidMate ormance out of buying better ram or by getting an AIO for the CPU so I can get more air onto the ram to cool it? The ram is currently running at 3800 CL17. And if it's better ram, what would you suggest? Mobdro
  2. How is this possible, it works surprisingly well with minimal ghosting. Did I happen to get a golden sample or is this possibly a reject 240hz panel from Samsung? I could go as high as 270's before I had issues.https://omegle.onl/ vshare
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