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  1. Meh ... I like it ... kind of art deco TAGG you have so many processors all the same? Haha I gave heaps of them away over the years
  2. Not helping matters Jordan ... rub salt in wound. Can you all agree to stop this. Go enjoy your day instead
  3. Lets move on please psycho ... if you guys are all competing for the grand #1 prize. Alot of effort all round there was bound to be upset too. In the future you all will be in competitions again ... do hope you can try to see other scores as legit.
  4. I hope that's the end to it Karta. Good explanation.
  5. It's just adding fuel to a fire. Does not matter what the other person does ... only person who can control you is you. Behaving badly. ___________ What is there like 200 thousand overclockers in here or approaching that number If we all write angry & disrespectful to each other ... Think of that mess. Language barriers OR not that C_nt word is the worst I can think of. Not for a forum ... use it with your mates in a drinking session. Are we all thinking a better score from a competitor must have been cheated? Not to be answered. Sad day reading all this.
  6. That's unnecessary. You should apologize. If NiK is unhappy with the final results he is allowed to write it. Stepped over the line here ... lack of respect shown to fellow overclocker!
  7. It's poor form ... see it often in here, where members submission put forward for discussion. To give you positive credit. So you reply happy because someone liked your score. Only they are serving a report to moderator as not to be believed. _________ Double edged swords can cut both ways
  8. Unfortunate that was said ... I call all this a grand fiasco. You kiddies cannot get along. I'm ashamed to be associated in HWbot overclocking reading endless threads of butt hurt.
  9. HWBOT x265 Benchmark

    That timing worked out well. Reminded me to hunt for a bigger slot A. Found a 850 Thunderbird cheap $15US. All win today
  10. HWBOT x265 Benchmark

    Heaps of slot A ... how solid is your wallet