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  1. No one gives a fuck ... another way to say it
  2. What he said ^. Bclk bouncing at/ over 103 will break it.
  3. Thanks man 80c was getting toasty last night on my watercooling. It's a KARTA ex #2 8086K https://hwbot.org/submission/3982073_rm3113_hwbot_x265_benchmark___4k_core_i7_8086k_15.488_fps This score amazing, so I gave chase. 5310mhz ... settings just too good
  4. What test/ benchmark are you doing? Cinebench R15 you can pass easy settings AUTO. Manual cpu core. 8700K 5Ghz set 1.25 vcore 9900K 5Ghz set 1.3 vcore. Try for a pass on both. ___________ Expertise not known so I'm sorry there. 53x on 9900K 1.45v is quite normal. These guys here may have 54x same volts or better. Good luck
  5. ^ What he said. Fuck this thread of negativism New thread please Benchmate with positraction
  6. If things were easy we could all do it. That's not what is being gifted or talented. You work at it. Effort is reward all things in life.
  7. mysticialmat@benchmark.com Yeah if you could add gui ... that makes the benchmark more interesting for eye candy or run realtime as x265 does. Start small make your own benches & gain popularity = dollars sponsorship. Benchmate it's starting small steps ... but when it gets going, other big time software companies come to you to bundle theirs.
  8. err ...wat. You go alright man, do nice scores A voice remains silent a voice never heard. ______ No point to this now as Mr Scott says. Geek dead in the water. ... as for ycruncher ... it's a lot tougher bench to set up & run. More challenging then good for us
  9. ... one door closes and another door opens. Great result
  10. Try for some of the Beta Benches Mat. Sure they'll listen ... As for Geek ... is that dead to us now? No purchases No points on the bot
  11. Your logic is flawed Mr Poole, writing above. Customers use softwares at their own risk anyway. No one is held accountable. Purchase of your software I'm sure is largely due to HWbot & members benchmarking here. That's steered to your website. Overclocking pushing your max system performance your not ... as you say below in bold. Geekbench to delete data from a user's system and we get sued because of it? ^ This just wow. Other needed files are not kept on that operating system if you risk data loss. As above OS is redone
  12. Well I would hav We'll I would have said he's a tightarse ... being polite today tightwad https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tightarse https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tightwad
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