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  1. Fixed your spelling mistakes. Ozz tweak his nipples & flick his big ears for result
  2. When was the discussion re specific 9900K Chat in here could be any modern processor from the last few years. My experience on X265 4K ... is bench runs along time & requires additional Vcore to other benches I've done. Don't like it, whereas the 1080p completes fast. Borrowed fasttrack writing below. Looks sound to me explanation V=IR Volts steady ( assumption ). R falling as temps rise. To keep a 3 parameter equation valid, with 1 steady parameter and 1 declining, means the 3 parameter ( in this case "I" = current ) has to rise in order for the equation to be valid. The problem with XTU and X265 4K is not the volts needed - neither the cooling method. It is the brutal rise and fall of temps, which drives the "I" parameter nuts, because it has to follow these brutal changes up and down. Silicon and millions of transistors ARE DESIGNED to keep up with these. But at stock settings or mild overclocks. NOT record breaking runs. _________ I do feel sorry for you LN2 guys losing nice processors, more lately. It's a big costing + the really great 7Ghz processors are gone forever Give out less points for that bench, then you members are less attracted to run it
  3. ^ This. + the now thinner processors as mentioned. __________ Electronic repairs in pcb's. The product turned on heated, turned off rapid cooled. This repeated action results in brittle solder joints, fractures.
  4. Oh I agree with that. Crunt of a hard thing to run anyway. Definitely when you guys are benching the best silicon in the world most of the time
  5. avalanche

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Best sandbagging effort I ever witnessed was the Mad Shrimps team in Team Cup. Server was slowed bad, around same time as the sneaky coin mining of members pc's HWbot Really it's the last few days when the best scores are revealed Comps that are short like a week haha ... 1x month beforehand to purchase parts Quick you see, big scores straight up is more exciting if you can see a target to beat
  6. Yes. Done basic multi testing. More of a reference later. Karta ex #2 8086K 44deg Celsius idle temps here Australia ... can do nothing but wait for a cool morning
  7. Don't shoot the messenger ie me Way out there ... x1 league. The cooling you use don't mean shit. Biggest score makes best points. We are all concerned on rookie involvement to get them started. 6 months % boost on new members scores
  8. Yeah I know ... but it's another poll now. I liked the x3 leagues. Just like stepping stones up. What to do? Voted 2 leagues. We can all argue this to death. Elites have & Cooling not proven. That's discussion thus far compressed. Rookie / Searcher / Extreme ... pick something for the middle _______ edit. Ah yes. Some one mentioned Journey man .. that was cool too
  9. Just go with macsbeach proposal. I voted x2 league anyways simplify this rot. Non Sponsored / Sponsored. 2/3 in here like it Try hard / Go hard
  10. Having a job isn't enough anymore my man. S/H modern parts are still expensive. 10 core x299 here in Australia atm $1449AU Retail. I'd like Apprentice league to stay. It's a small enough jump for members experimenting cold & 6Ghz on their processors. 6 leagues combined into 3. Enthusiasts / Apprentice / Extreme.
  11. Who can know the real number of members uploading scores now? So curious.
  12. It may just be an interim solution. HWbot has so many idea's thrown around with these revisions. Not a fan of big change & upheaval. Something that works & most members are happy
  13. Ozz is chilled I know his writing Why not 3 leagues ,air/water , apprentice and extreme with sponsored and not sponsored together Suzuki you wrote above in bold. I like that approach