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  1. He could make no1 if he covers more of the bench
  2. Wanna race my latest processor Mr Karta leave my junk mems on 19-19-19-38 1T
  3. avalanche

    6950x vs high core count cpu's

    Well I'd like some entertainment ... what submissions
  4. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    1. Your whole post was very good timing inconsistencies but you submitted as a better score. Unstable settings & the run is borked. Loop hole wizards Still want to know who was the drunk kent tripped over the monitor cords & called it a tweak
  5. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    Vague? Where has Marco commented in thread. I suspect your like a naughty kid deflecting blame of your misbehavior. Pulled a rabbit out of hat or his ass to fool & delight us
  6. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    Maybe he don't like you or your dodgy monitor
  7. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    Most irresponsible overclocker if you have some fantasy to enlighten me take it to a pm. 10 ply f'n hilarious that comment.
  8. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    Plug your monitor back in so you can see clearly
  9. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    We are not talking about staff issues, now you edited. It's the let slide a score that has been noticed here & there. We all expect it to be right / correct. Naive on my part till now. Easily 100x scores that are dodgy incorrect I'd spot in a year. Some are just no cpu-z in the screenshots. Drop you bastards in here a heap of points if I cared to report. Just did not give a fuKK or log it.
  10. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    Certain benchmarks R15 & x265 ... you can reasonably predict an output per multi. I've spotted Cinebench 2003's that look dodgy downclocks. Just no way they could hit the scores with shit mems. Endless bloody submission where the 3D bench cpu + mem clocks were down, yet massive scores that I could not get with superior hardware + speed. Just gave up there, tweaks that were shared. Scores can never be beaten. _________ There is no thin line. You know if you step over the line. These bandits I'm talking about, deliberate cheating.
  11. avalanche

    Tweak book for cheats

    Leaning how to OC many years ago I used to marvel @ the big scores done in Hwbot. Not anymore So called tweaks " the secrets " that trick a benchmark to go faster. Your top #3 or #4 in the world banned for manipulating pc clock. Obvious cheat in x265 Then this guy H20vs LN2 shoots himself in the foot bragging his score is better Time measuring inaccurate therefor invalid score. What a joke! Submitted & it's there in the yellow warning box. _________ Cinebench windows not rendered fully. Then covered to mask the deceit. Members in here learning others of Aquamarks & early 3D marks how it can be cheated. Pulling the monitor cord out ... & this was allowed. FuKKen hilarious that one LoD on the modern 3D13 you can not even see the scenes first half of bench. This is just shit, make you feel all warm & fuzzy the powerful gpu Haha, only a few days a go learned ... less maxmem in a popular benchmark bugs a few hundred extra in score. ________ So how many of you TOP overclockers think it's OK to accept your ill gained scores until proven cheated. I don't believe not anymore.
  12. How can you be sure anymore? There are so many rotten to core scores entrenched in HWbot. ... and what's a monitor pull tweak then super god pc clocks forward <> back tweak. Benchmark windows with apps in front of them. Screenshots " many of them without " cpu-z's. Downclocks, no rig pic's _________ These were honest mistakes by using early version 1.91. 7 submissions & about 2000 points. Some of them were in Team Cup FFS & not picked up
  13. I'm starting to believe you all loop hole wizards in here fug it ...
  14. April 7, 2014: Allowed version clarified ... So is this right? All submissions after this date must use version 1.95 or newer? https://hwbot.org/news/1592_application_19_rules/ ______________________________ Kiss this one goodbye. Team cup 2017 ver 1.91 https://hwbot.org/submission/3652406_flexjenl_maxxmem_ddr4_sdram_5270.4_marks ...and this one https://hwbot.org/submission/3672294_jokot_maxxmem_ddr4_sdram_4973.1_marks ...and this one. Cpu-z version 178.3 so newer sub than 11-8-18 https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html#version-history https://hwbot.org/submission/3749266_kikicoco1334_maxxmem_ddr4_sdram_4620.7_marks __________ Righteo ... the 4000+ scores are done 6Ghz + so you can see the pro guys used version 1.95 + Another. Screen chopped. Cpu-z version 186 = too new. Done 12-11-18 in bench window? https://hwbot.org/submission/3980885_falken1_maxxmem_ddr4_sdram_4317.7_marks