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  1. Very good post man ... I applaud that writing M$ listened closely to it's third party partners. Gather all the information you can on the consumer. That's right down to key strokes on the keyboard. Back in my day that was called key logging. Data collecting, why is it so aggressive? Supposedly it's for our benefit. ie a critical error can be prevented or maybe not. Then your admin can do nothing & the OS is stealth patched without your knowledge. No harm done right it's fixed for you. Do you like your privacy or being tracked what ever you do? How about what you click online as interested ... then all the following adds perhaps the next day prompt you to buy Telemetry the dirty word. They gave it a name but it's been around since windows 2000. Windows 10 the operation systems that promises to do all. Lot's of shit in there we don't need, so you better root it out of there & make it lite. Forced upgrade ... how about unwittingly create a step to stealth load the OS ready for deployment? Plenty did that right. FU user if you have small quota ... your 3G broadband it just runs out & you do not know why. Weeks to the deadline of having to actually pay for the bloat 10 Your Internets not working restart restart restart oh now it's fine must be that shitty Win7. I'll just grab the Win10 for free while I can
  2. It's up to you more experienced guys & gals to give the learner rookies a hand. Making some OS's work is tricky ... but there are guides out there to explain it. Yes we keep supporting our manufacturers of computer hardware with our purchases. If we are to continue with out fun hobby
  3. Not everyone want to run a bleeding edge computer Rauf. What's a full combo worth 5 grand here easy. Anything 2080ti with i9 processor costs a fortune. We all forget retail a GTX580 was $500AU here. Why are the Nvidia gpu's retail now 400%. So budget constraints. The majority of us will buy second hand parts for cheap & do the benchmarks. So more variety for members even with the XP OS. ____________ As for the Win10 upgrade being forced on us consumers. We will adapt our use of it with modern hardware. ie Do better scores with it. The Legacy Benchmarks are part of HWbot & they need to stay as most of us here still enjoy them
  4. Agreed. Found this out for x299 & installing Win7. Evga had the good sense to keep the needed Win7 file on the driver disc Haha the old F6 step is still with us. ________ tgurus ... While Win10 is competitve, it was not around when most of the benches were made. Into the future wining with it sure.
  5. Win10 runs like shit except for XTU. So if the member is unlucky to have a bog standard Pro version ... they will be beaten to death with bloatware. No amount of deleting /uninstalling works ... candycrush & all the other shit loads back on next internet visit. It's an OS for advertising. A fast Win7 is fine for 95% of the benching we do.
  6. Bullshit https://hwbot.org/submission/3479094_luumi_maxxmem_ddr4_sdram_5339_marks Beat that ^
  7. Haha hilarious The 3 second benchmark running the processor beyond it's capability ... then slow mode the " normally unstable junk " over the finish line Your settings rubbish to complete a 1 minute test & burst into flames ... but you all took the bigger score & bigger points
  8. avalanche

    HWBOT Competition Feedback thread

    Where's the fun then if you stay out of it? Compete not for winning your own prizes
  9. Apex board makes you lazy with all them bios profiles in them. Evga is a challenge as I'm learning the x299 dark. z390 Dark will be next choice
  10. avalanche

    Leagues idea

    Most writing Zero has ever done ... maybe sober or stoned or bored
  11. avalanche

    Leagues idea

    Compressed your notes. Relevant to Enthusiast. Oh I'm all for this now. Single Stage so the playing field is even. 5.8Ghz 1.6-1.7v and no concern of degraded cpu's. When do we start?
  12. No one cares about video. It's what your doing when there are no videos. 500 hours 1.7v no degradation because you own chillers & single stage.
  13. Nice cooling 30c above idle temps for 5.5Ghz 1.6V
  14. Haha too funny ... show pic of Single Stage in action at sly den
  15. Oh I know your puny rad is maxed 84c with real water cooling above. Why I reference these x2 scores. You can keep changing picture, making videos. I've got your best ones screenshot before you fix Tubes to North pole again Is it the 3000 model chiller under the bench in this pic. XTU 74c you make it look so easy puny rad https://hwbot.org/submission/3721396_pkbo_cinebench___r15_core_i7_8700k_1866_cb Keep fixing all your photos, deny your special cooling. This very Cinebench way back then, year/ s ago? Up to no good Mr Chill Now I've logged out
  16. Logging off. You will be far happier PKBO in Apprentice, then you can use that Single Stage you've shown off at 6Ghz & beyond. That will make far far bigger scores anyway.
  17. Oh I've got to put that one in my signature it's gold alright. So you just started doing 3D aye ... ya little sidewinder
  18. https://hwbot.org/user/pkbo/#Hardware_Library 117 video cards ... yeah right Hilarious Disturbing you. Too bad. Fess up your chilling methods, brag away how you tricked us all.
  19. Well funny that. Member finds your insulation on motherboard in video Why do you need that aye if only do normal water cooling. I CBF even for 10 sec of your damage cover ups, loop redo's, chiller hiding. Guilty you behave, get of to Apprentice already _________ Fess up cold boy
  20. You are know to use fish tank chillers for years & still in here you pretend. Have a SS now too I see. Why do you think 5.8Ghz is easier for you? It has not been done by you in the past 3D legacy ... but now you can, oh please _________ Your in shit atm. Why you backed off the dodgy 3D stuff you were doing. Last one a 5.8 > 5.5Ghz easier to believe
  21. 5.5Ghz is hot ... stop with your crap. Think you fool others 30c over idle. Bust out this thing ... super easy then
  22. Oh I already did. Wrote a nice story to a moderator who happens to hate cheaters perhaps more than anyone else on HWbot. A story about 5.8Ghz stable runs & silly high volts & exotic cooling ... that no one else can do in Enthusiast league. Why do you pretend Apprentice https://www.google.com/search?q=darth+maul&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBAU837AU837&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjG_pvfk-bgAhUYT30KHfO3AsEQ_AUIDigB&biw=1536&bih=720#imgrc=fAVwHFYoGNND4M:
  23. Keep it real. 55x 1.6v 60c ... puny radiator. x265 52x 84c correct
  24. Quick go fix it no one will notice ^ This is correct for your radiator size