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  1. Don't make any changes. If novice & rookie seemingly do better than the old scores it's a win for them " to keep trying overclocking "
  2. Sold to me. What a beasty processor
  3. What he said ^ ... delided on load temps can drop 25c. That's alot so keeping under 80c for benchmark runs will be better for results. Ditch the air cooler. If your serious then custom water cooling, slow speed pump, large surface area radiators. eg. My 8086K machine has UK alloy watercool brand rads 3x140mm & 2x140mm. Benches 5.4Ghz & cooling to spare in Australia 20c ambient mornings
  4. Why don't they post results here anymore? 1256 participants in 4x leagues this year, that is not very many worldwide as a whole https://hwbot.org/league/
  5. Fixed your writing, relative Sure if it means keeping newcomers to OC " that is they stay " $20 donate
  6. this edit. Make benchmarks as secure as you want. It's all too late, with the bugged/ cheated scores already entrenched in HWbot archive. That horse has already bolted. https://www.google.com/search?q=That+horse+has+already+bolted.&rlz=1C1ASRM_enAU792AU792&oq=That+horse+has+already+bolted.&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  7. You grab x2 sentences OF MANY & combine of your understanding. Shit way out of context. " insert thumb down " Delete my bad writing.
  8. If your doing wrappers & all that to make it more secure, sure. But the benches have got to perform better. Fix of bad sentence follow on
  9. Warp9 aye? Dude that's a tiny demographic for who uses modern combo's with old gpu's & benches. You see members rebench old gpu's everytime a faster processor comes out. Biggest contributors Russian team have done it. Myself? Why da fuck did I buy a x299 Evga Dark for? Legacy & XP support & old gpu's. Though I'm junk on that platform till I learn quad mem's better. I'll get around to it, 3D01se was a heap of fun when I started doing OC. Strip points as you say what incentive is there to run old benches then? __________ The Bullants challenge haha lookout I'm not revealing my crap efficiency. Agreed what member said above.
  10. The old benches are mainly about cpu speed anyway. If your OC is correct you should/ could estimate where it scores.Bugged then you are a little high ranked right ... we get that. Monitor pulls, not a tweak. Those members bugging run on purpose, they know they cheat. As for Geekbench Fairly modern that bench, so all the members deliberately bug that " the scores are set in HWbot archive " Apply a fix up. Then no one from then onwards can match a previous score same hardware. Your loophole wizards are to blame not the bench.
  11. Is that it young un nothing but a grunt to add to the conversation
  12. Very good post man ... I applaud that writing M$ listened closely to it's third party partners. Gather all the information you can on the consumer. That's right down to key strokes on the keyboard. Back in my day that was called key logging. Data collecting, why is it so aggressive? Supposedly it's for our benefit. ie a critical error can be prevented or maybe not. Then your admin can do nothing & the OS is stealth patched without your knowledge. No harm done right it's fixed for you. Do you like your privacy or being tracked what ever you do? How about what you click online as interested ... then all the following adds perhaps the next day prompt you to buy Telemetry the dirty word. They gave it a name but it's been around since windows 2000. Windows 10 the operation systems that promises to do all. Lot's of shit in there we don't need, so you better root it out of there & make it lite. Forced upgrade ... how about unwittingly create a step to stealth load the OS ready for deployment? Plenty did that right. FU user if you have small quota ... your 3G broadband it just runs out & you do not know why. Weeks to the deadline of having to actually pay for the bloat 10 Your Internets not working restart restart restart oh now it's fine must be that shitty Win7. I'll just grab the Win10 for free while I can
  13. It's up to you more experienced guys & gals to give the learner rookies a hand. Making some OS's work is tricky ... but there are guides out there to explain it. Yes we keep supporting our manufacturers of computer hardware with our purchases. If we are to continue with out fun hobby
  14. Not everyone want to run a bleeding edge computer Rauf. What's a full combo worth 5 grand here easy. Anything 2080ti with i9 processor costs a fortune. We all forget retail a GTX580 was $500AU here. Why are the Nvidia gpu's retail now 400%. So budget constraints. The majority of us will buy second hand parts for cheap & do the benchmarks. So more variety for members even with the XP OS. ____________ As for the Win10 upgrade being forced on us consumers. We will adapt our use of it with modern hardware. ie Do better scores with it. The Legacy Benchmarks are part of HWbot & they need to stay as most of us here still enjoy them
  15. Agreed. Found this out for x299 & installing Win7. Evga had the good sense to keep the needed Win7 file on the driver disc Haha the old F6 step is still with us. ________ tgurus ... While Win10 is competitve, it was not around when most of the benches were made. Into the future wining with it sure.
  16. Win10 runs like shit except for XTU. So if the member is unlucky to have a bog standard Pro version ... they will be beaten to death with bloatware. No amount of deleting /uninstalling works ... candycrush & all the other shit loads back on next internet visit. It's an OS for advertising. A fast Win7 is fine for 95% of the benching we do.
  17. Bullshit https://hwbot.org/submission/3479094_luumi_maxxmem_ddr4_sdram_5339_marks Beat that ^
  18. Haha hilarious The 3 second benchmark running the processor beyond it's capability ... then slow mode the " normally unstable junk " over the finish line Your settings rubbish to complete a 1 minute test & burst into flames ... but you all took the bigger score & bigger points
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