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  1. the ranking of the people who have 0 point is bug. The people who posted lastly are ranked first the 0 points ranking.
  2. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/20779685?resultRegistrationOutcome=KEY_IN_ANOTHER_ACCOUNT_CURRENT_ACCOUNT_FREE
  3. warper

    Random CPUs, 980x + 7350K

    Hi, i am interested by i3 7350k. Is ot possible to delid it before shipping ?
  4. In enthusiast league many people use ice or bench outdoor. The problem is that it is undetectable and there is not a clear rule that specifies it. I was in enthusiast I post a picture with an ice bottle, we seed me in apprentice me in apprentice without notice, I agree rules are rules but rules must be the same for every one and written somewhere. Actually noone can clearly define where are limits, the proff is this topics. Nobody knowed, everybody do as he think right and this is a total mess. look at this sub : vadimua`s 3DMark05 score: 21687 marks with a GeForce 8600 GT 256MB GDDR3 We cleary see ice on the picture and it's a gold 50pts, The score is more than 1 year and vadimua is still in enthusiast. there is many score like that in enthusiast. I was too honest to have posted my real configuration, I'm sure others are not as good as me. For me there is 2 solutions: send all the people using this type of cooling in apprentice. (impossible) Allow this type of cooling. if you want a clear league you must allow this type of cooling, some peoples are not honnest and will cheat ever and ever.
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