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  1. Hello again, please could you add the Samsung 870 Qvo SSD as it wont let me submit on AS SSD2.0 Here's a link to there Data Sheet if needed https://s3.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/global.semi.static/Samsung_SSD_870_QVO_Data_Sheet_Rev1.1.pdf I have the 2GB version
  2. thank you very kindly good sir
  3. Could you please add the Asus Thor 850w PSU & maybe the 1200W also I can edit my sub's once its been added Also the picture for the Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula is incorrect it displays as a Hero board Thanks in advance
  4. i figured it out i tried upping a bmp file thats why
  5. 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu) What does this mean
  6. Have the rules changed on this benchmark as the world record score is the overall score and not the subtest 11, this is also true for most of the top 10 Do i need to re-submit my score to be the overall score? Or am I correct in posting the actual subtest 11 score?
  7. this is your overall score not your cpu score, you should edit this to your actual cpu score which is 3614
  8. they disappeared two nights ago just after the server came back up ive looked on others profiles ad it seems to be site wide has this been removed now as ive lost points and are unable to see what and where due to there being no posts on my wall will this be fixed or is this the future?
  9. Hey guys what's happened with being able to customize our profiles, i can still see the team option but no longer the user
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