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  1. tek 9 fat sold case and radiators remain. if you want the case and radiators at the same time ill offer the pricing on the radiators as buy one get one free, deck out your shiny new s8 for super cheap!
  2. lol im not holding anything against OCN. it was my fault i got banned lol. I put in an appeal to get unbanned but i doubt itll go through, the mods there really dislike me, oh well such is life. hope all is well with you over in france.
  3. updated OP and updated a combo price on the radiators.
  4. motherboard sold, please close. Ty for the space HWB.
  5. not stopping benching, i got different pots for really cheap so im sell these pots/gear for really cheap. yes i did get banned from OCN lol, bitemarks was basically stalking me looking for any reason to ban me, guess i gave him too many reasons oh well it happens.
  6. yes the f1 dark is gone, the tek 9 fat is still available.
  7. CPU pending, board maybe also pending.
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