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  1. I just got these https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820236520 theres a K in em so wish me luck
  2. I have been reading on their site, i think, that they are going to be launching in the EU and US sometime the beginning of this year but.. its already march
  3. Random

    WTB Galax oc fish

    I want to buy the “oc fish” i dont care if its alive or dead. Ill make a cool wrist rest out of epoxy if its dead. But id use it for XP if it wasn’t dead. for those that don't know i am talking about a old nvidia gpu that was only given to a few OCers, mostly those affiliated with mobo companies
  4. what LPX was that? mot c17 4400 right? just snagged some n was wondering how long they been aaround
  5. is zadak still around? they have the double capacity sticks for z390 https://www.zadak.biz/products/content/17 haven't seen these elsewhere yet
  6. $299USD "New for 2019, the Tek-9 ICON is the latest revision of the TEK-9 FAT full size gpu unit for both liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Tuned for the hottest running graphics cards under extreme cooling temperatures. ICON is fully reconfigured to support RTX gpus and gives the best performance for single GPU overclocking and dual spaced multi gpu (2x SLI) applications where highest possible clocks and highest voltages/loads are being used. This new revision has a larger cooling contact area as well as improved internals to handle the heaviest heat loads while providing the ultimate temperature control. " https://kingpincooling.com/products/tek-9-fat
  7. careful when flashing bios, I read theres a bug where if you don't have fans plugged in (for instance if you watercool the block) it locks it into safe mode https://www.overclock.net/forum/69-nvidia/1722102-2080ti-lightning-dead-after-xoc-bios-flash.html
  8. damn, I wish this was in the US. Bump
  9. yeah I don't think they ever went retail. I waited for quite a long time for one and when I did get the oppertunity had to pass because they are SUPER expensive... I wanna say they were 600Euros new
  10. theres a chance theres still a warranty on it! but its about to run out. I have like a month left to get mine out
  11. I am going to be doing some arts and crafts and need a bunch of dead large PCBs. If anyone with a relationship with vendors could hook me up with a box of unfixable mobo and GPUs it'd be the best day ever. large quantities of old ram and cpus would be good too. bonus points for old colored PCB like teal and red with lots of logos, traces, engineering values . UV reactive pcie and dimm slots. really doesnt need careful packaging. Looking to get these as cheap as possible so US would be preferred but if anyone has cheap shipping methods thatd be fine too. I am going to be cutting them down to under an inch thickness(IO panel components) and submerging them in epoxy for table tops and cutting boards, wrist wrests, and all sorts of things.
  12. Lol right? Sign ur name on it and charge 500
  13. Some people in the evga motherboard community managed to get some by bothering the mods till they listed some on ebay. I suggest trying that. Everything i have heard doesnt look good for shops outside the Us. 2-3 months sounds like a good window lol
  14. just set vcore, follow a oc guide to figure out what settings to enable and disable. 9900K are super easy. this one really helped me, i been away for 3-4 years https://www.gigabyte.com/FileUpload/Global/multimedia/2/file/525/946.pdf
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