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  1. I am surprised that's the best price you can get LN2 for, especually with college/ uni help. I got it for about a dollar from a welding supply shop. I think airgas is cheaper
  2. thats the part that pretty much everyone just buys, I think they are for sale for around 100$. they were last I checked. and then you are just brazing after that. which isn't much. if you can get the gas and access to the filling equipment you are kinda set, thats really the biggest waste of money. ... hmm its been a long time since I looked I guess and I don't think that website is up anymore. I would open a new WTB thread just for the head, maybe contact some people on XS. Fugger can totally help. keep an eye out on ebay too maybe? but its definitely going to be a challenge getting that, or a phase. these things just aren't popular anymore. LN2 is too cheap. these are loud n bulky. and Overclocking in general is just a lot more expensive than it used to be. The demand isn't there anymore I guess
  3. i'd seriously consider building one yourself then. It may be a hundred more or so than you'd want to spend but I don't think people make new ones. I have been around the forums for quite a few years now, they really only pop up once a year. and even then a lot are broken. if you aren't confident with your skill, practice or find someone who is because I was friends with a guy who built these and designed the head most people used said it was really easy. only problem really is getting the gas IIRC and if you can do an ac chiller with all that I bet you could do a phase way easier
  4. also I feel anything single stage is gonna have a tough time on modern cpu packages. if they aren't tuned and maintained properly especially so. Also this is going to be a game of patience. phase change hasnt been popular for quite a few years now, and even when it was, it was EXPENSIVE, and between shipping, damage, gas fees. a lot of people just threw them out or burried them in their garages you might have better luck over on xtremesystems fugger is the go to guy on phase n that's his stomping grounds
  5. TBH its going to be expensive, and hard to track down. probably beter off perfecting your DICE game. I know there are some on the east coast, but the problem is only one guy really made them or makes them, and he does the insane stuff mostly. you might be best off looking for a dead one on ebay and trying to refill or fix it. since you are at a college, Id even consider building one yourselves. The hardest part to get ahold of is gonna be the cooling head but I think someone still makes those in EU and itll be a lot cheaper to get ahold of than a whole system. you can get a deep freeze compressor off ebay. The info is out there if you look hard enough. also I feel anything single stage is gonna have a tough time on modern cpu packages. if they aren't tuned and maintained properly especially so.
  6. what country are they in?
  7. its a lot easier to find a unit over in the EU than the US, don't worry too much bro. There are definitely a few around
  8. Hey all, I am picking up one of these behemoth GPUs, but for gaming sadly, its just the card. So does anyone have the OEM bundled waterblock, backplate, and oc panel laying around, that they don't need or want? This WOULD be the place to ask, I figure. I found the bykski block , but I am concerned it won't fit due to their being 2 pcb variations of this card, and either way would prefer the original. Thanks for your time. I am based in the US
  9. Does that one come with a waterblock or aircooler?
  10. out of town from 6/27 to 7/1 open to offers
  11. nothing on the physical materials atleast
  12. yeah they don't have individual serial numbers either if you want to bin them
  13. another prive drop. -110$ from where it started
  14. this is the ultra bin so this is about 2115mhz core https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4afqv5bbs5zmme/94c 51v 124pwr 474mem TSEpass.png?dl=0
  15. Subject line: RTX 2080TI FTW3 ULTRA and Hydrocopper block Heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/89009/ Method of Payment: (Paypal, Cash for Pickups, venmo.) Possible trade Shipping: in US48 with USPS for less than listed price(not flat rate, big box with alot of bubble wrap n foam) fedex or UPS otherwise *Item for Sale and Link to Item: GPU: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=11G-P4-2487-KR Waterblock: https://www.evga.com/prod...aspx?pn=400-HC-1489-B1 GPU accesories https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=M022-10-000138 https://www.evga.com/prod...aspx?pn=100-TK-K3WR-LR https://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=600-PL-2816-LR *Price: $1100 shipped with no waterblock (now 1050shipped) $1210 Shipped in US48 with USPS for less than listed price(not flat rate, big box with alot of bubble wrap n foam), fedex or UPS if you don't try n negotiate price (now 1150 shipped) I am looking for a RTX 2080TI Galax HOF if anyone would be extra awesome I'd pay some money on top of all this for a trade for one of those *Description: about 5 months old now. I bought a water block and never got around to installing it because I had to RMA one of these. The screws were on waaay too tight and were poor quality. So, they were going to strip before I got it off. Called EVGA n they wanted me to RMA it. and they sent me this in return, also my case I intended to use this card with didn't fit this thing with a waterblock. Or really at all. bad QC on the case. so I kept the aircooler on n put it on my other rig. cuz my old gpu worked fine in the case. I was planning hardline builds or I would have just slapped the waterblock on n had fun but I am a hardline noob n that seemed like a lot of work for something I potentially would be swapping out out of the box it does 1980mhz or so, there are some games it gets picky with and needs +15mv. But! this is also with me running tons of things in the background and everything at max settings and an iffy overclock on my cpu. never crashes after that. Has a few hundred hours of gaming on it, no sweat. there is some dust, but thats unavoidable as I live in AZ and I have a special vaccuum and will clean it up before I ship. I tried overclocking it again (had a lot of troubles, I think it was my windows install) and have not had luck with the memory till literally just now, where I got +503 first test with port royal. Will update with more when done., but core +103 with +33mv and +124% power limit pass TSE Theres definitely some room left in it. this is all air, I am pretty much a noob when it comes to GPU OC, I have never really gotten INTO it. And the cards I have OC'd have been alot less finnicky I have alot of issues with time spy waterblock is in open box (like new) condition. the pic isnt well lit so you can't see it but the 2slot adapter is on the box. also have red accents for air cooler 890days left on warranty as of 6-15-19 If anything happens I am reachable here and will give addll contact info for RMA with original owner TSE https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ptxyz9uopzyv0q/TSE 6367 mem 501 core0 67v power 124.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2k8zek7r3twd28k/IMG_0229.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ti01c5v69c2cjzq/AABDV-yQQKurOYv0mQQrqO0Sa?dl=0
  16. Random

    WTB Galax oc fish

    Sorry for late reply. Would you consider selling it though?
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