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  1. I had a blast! Thanks to Asus, Seasonic, Roman, Tim, PJ, Trouff and all the other who made it possible. Looking forward to working with all of you guys again
  2. Also In: 31st to 9th Thanks
  3. I'm not "that" crazy. Just the "other kind of" crazy
  4. Looks like I'm coming too. Might need to borrow a pot though
  5. I guess anything will be cheaper than my hotel last year, so
  6. I'd be in from 30th to 9th
  7. Plz delete -> Found the older Benchhouse thread *rolleyes*
  8. BTW: We will raffle off a ASUS STRIX GTX 960 under all participants in the Qualifier for ASUS ROG Camp 2015.
  9. My first time was a blast. Thanks to Roman for all the help.
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