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  1. Anybody got an idea where I can get a higher powered bios for the HOF below ? https://www.galax.com/en/graphics-card/hof/galax-geforcer-gtx-1080-ti-hof-watercooled.html I have tried this one below most the card will take is 250watts . https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/194642/194642 Thanks guys Paul
  2. You must have forgot what it was like when you started out . Thanks for the piss take .
  3. Is was a bit of fun. Got a long , long way before I ever catch up with you guys .
  4. Bit of actual overclocking and not relying on pure speed (brute force) and I am back .
  5. Like I said , imagine what I would do with ln2 and not single stage (-30). Top scores both 8 core .
  6. Wonder what score I would get on ln2 instead of single stage ( -30) ?
  7. took liquid nitrogen and the newest intel CPU to beat me , I can live with that .
  8. Lots of condensation. Used a lot of vaseline and paper towels which seem to do the trick . Always risky though .
  9. It says , not spit's best 1070ti skydiver submission. This is the first time I have used this card
  10. No If I de lid , I can't use the single stage . The DARK board will not run memory fast or tight . That's the best I could get it with that set up .
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