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  1. Posted just now Speaking as a newcomer to this, I must say , seems strange that you can get can get so many points using an antiquated OS like XP that unless you know certain people ...wink wink , you have great difficulty installing on modern motherboards. You want to get more people involved , make it easier for new people to get the information they need instead of keeping this place like a "closed shop" to everyone unless you know certain people.. How do you think that looks to new comers ? I don't really care either way , I like it here and I know I will never get anywhere near the "big guns" but I enjoy it and it's my hobby. Rant over , take care guys 🙂
  2. Yeps Tried different settings 🙂 Ram earlier was stopping the speed so just relaxed everything and faster it went.
  3. Bit of fun but time to warm it up , put MOBO in oven and relax 🙂 My fingers are freezing lol. I don't like the clean up afterwards , pain . That was only 20L 😂 X265 really goes through this stuff.
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