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  1. Right. Ximi is deactivate = scores + points gone Now account Joaquin has bot points with scores submitted on it
  2. what is high speed hynix mem kit for this mb please. actual link to kit? should I buy over samsung type rams
  3. Who will volunteer their time looking at all the scores worth points anyway Have looked at geek4 single. So could knock out 20 obvious ones there. Then look at geek5 single. Even that is a push of time wasting evenings You need the 4 others looked at out of 6 benches. Could be 90% effective, you won't find them all of course. Then up to moderate if he is going to approve all the score checking and follow on with reinstating points. 1.5GB maxmem as it is now, then a follow on check of 2GB later
  4. https://hwbot.org/submission/4715079_rauf_geekbench4___single_core_core_i9_11900kf_11122_points That is leading score. Later. You and 3 others went onto bug it higher than 11122. 25% of top scores are done this way above 10,000 So ask the question then. Why would moderator let you keep geek points for this? In general. Larger amd processor bugs it the most, boost on scores. Geek 3 + 4 + 5 all look affected. So it is overclocker who is deliberate to run low max mem + freak benefit of large amd cpu's that destroys your global points earned.
  5. Can I ask what risk for me. iirc my apex 12 has a 0098 bot bios. Is it bricked changed to something else?
  6. At this stage that one clears. It's look for obvious ones first 1000mb done _____________ https://hwbot.org/submission/4731907_kansaΓ―_geekbench4___single_core_core_i9_11900k_9358_points/ When I was running my processor. I'm looking at this score, mems are at 4900 Does not mean it is a bad score like some of the others. It's extremely fast + fast timing. BUT. Done 1000mb. Even 2000 max mem it may not run. That is the point, not equal to others doing bench correct
  7. Reason we have Mat and benchmate. Loop hole wizzards are gonna loop hole estimate 25% of top scores 50. 1000mb done.
  8. https://d1ebmxcfh8bf9c.cloudfront.net/u344375/image_id_2525406.jpeg Wow that is impressive the size of copper soldered in there. It's massive lol. I so want to try this.
  9. lol chispy ol mate we become complacent. made easy for us πŸ™‚ lots of score to do. Mat needs a rest real life
  10. Be patient. HWinfo error too. #2 patron 😝 Just go and do other shit chaps. The agonism's of manual d/l ri15 and r11.5 arrrrrgh lol
  11. Just ban bugalugs with the biggest score
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