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  1. Hello, This is along shot but oh well. I got a problem. Using windows 10 latest nvidia drivers. Got 980Ti matrix platinum. The problem is as follows, i shorted LN2 on the back of the card, switched on LN2 bios on the card itself. Now when i open any OC software, GPUTweakII V2.2.7.0 (newest) i get the whole package, from voltage unlocked to pexvdd to load line etc. Now, no matter what voltage i apply, in GPU-z or HWinfo the voltage is constant of 1.212V regardless. Now it might something to do with software or whatever but not really. Cause i can set 1.3V...1.5V in gputweakII and gputweak monitor will show me using 1.5v right, while othe programs will show 1.212v. The thing is Even if i put 1.5V in gputweak i CANNOT go abote 1.495Ghz or even less. Now if i use a gigabyte, strix modded bios, i cant lets say change memory voltage, load line, pexvdd, vrm clock in gputweak. But i can up the voltage and it shows in gpuz and hwinfo. I can go up to 1534Mhz anything above that games start crashin n stuff. Now why cant i use original ln2 matrix bios to change voltage??? Makes no sense.
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