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  1. Massman isn't there going to be different topic for each stage?
  2. 2500K 2 x L040B354 #1864 requires 1.39v for 4800 Mhz stable and does 52x multi and max ~5300 Mhz #1343 requires 1.42v for 4800 Mhz stable and does 52x multi and max ~5260 Mhz
  3. Massman I have a question. Is GTX 580 SLI allowed for this stage and what kind of limitations are there? It's not clear.
  4. Multi was set for turbo from bios. Not many tweaks used just good chip I guess. Also if you use 2150 Mhz works better than 2151-2199. Only 2000,2050,2100,2200 Mhz core works good and anything else does not. Not to forget when you use i7 2600 you get higher multies for turbo
  5. How can you see the part numbers ? It should be different models which are visibly different. For example Gskill Pi, Gskill ripjaws X.
  6. I want to object. The russians have same model memory. Wasn't the memory supposed to be unique ? Also the greek team is using the same/similar memory kit on each submission. The germans also have the same model memory.
  7. I have a couple of L040B354 in my friend in Detroit. He did some quick stability testing on the 1st and got 4500 Mhz @ 1.235v. Will test more tonight and tomorrow. Will update my post as soon as I have more results to share.
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